Hair Regimen

Currently I'm in the process of experimenting with regimens. I haven't been doing anything consistently. June and July I mostly cowashed every other day and wore my hair in a WnG. Weekends I tried to shampoo and deep condition if possible, sometimes I went two weeks without washing or deep conditioning due to lack of time.

I have been following the Curl Girl Method for the last few months in that I avoided products with heavy silicones and sulfates. While I feel like my hair is feeling pretty moisturized...the method isn't necessarily yeilding a lot of length retention and the whole "natural products only" routine is getting expensive.

At the beginning of August I noticed tons of single strand knots so I trimmed my hair and installed mini twists. I'm hoping to keep my hair styled in mini twists for the rest of the year so that I can see some significant length retention. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to cowash in the twists or just leave them alone until it's time for the take down...I've also been toying with the idea stopping the Curly Girl Method and returning to Cone and Sulfates (carefully of course). Again...we'll see.

I'll try to update this regularly as my routine changes and as I experiment.