About Me: My Journey

This isn't my first time going natural. My junior year of college I went natural and it was great! I loved the curls and a lot of my friends did too. I didn't even know my I was doing the wash n go on a daily basis, but that was my go to style. A wash n go with a cute headband worked for me. When I moved to San Francisco for grad school, for some reason I relaxed again. Maybe I was having some hair frustrations...or maybe I wanted straight hair because that was when I really wanted Rihanna's short pixie cut.Whatever the case, I gave up being natural.

Fast foward a another two years and I discovered my hair was severely breaking off. I normally did self-relaxers because it was so much cheaper, so I figured that plus straightening my hair were the culprit. In March of 2010 I decided to stop relaxing my hair and begin the transition process all over again.

Now this all happened before I found such wonderful sites like Curlynikki and NaturallyCurly. I just did my own thing, without really thinking about key factors such as keeping my hair moisturized and my ends protected. I would literally comb right through the natural new growth and straight hair without being careful and so the breakage continued. Finally I noticed that the back of my hair, a little below the crown had hairs barely half an inch long and I had the beginnings of a bald spot. Yikes! I knew something else had to be going on. Plus my hair was shedding more and breaking off and just a plain ol' mess.

I went to the salon for the first time in a long time in August of 2010. The woman who did my hair also cut my step-mother's and sister's hair and she did a good job. I showed her my bald spot and she said it didn't seem like simple breakage. She suggested maybe an iron deficiency or a thyroid condition and recommended I get it checked out. In the mean time, she cut and shaped my hair, shaving the back completely and cutting until I had a sharp, above the chin bob. We cut and shaved more off a few months later and since then I haven't been back...mainly because salons are pricey.

She was right about having a thyroid issue, hyperthyroidism to be exact and since starting that medication and finding natural hair sites, my hair health has greatly improved. I'm a little more obsessed with my hair now, but I've learned so much and I love having my hair thrive. It's so much healthier now! While I have ups and downs with products, over all I'm having a good hair journey so far.

My hair goal is to reach BSL stretched...I'd settle for APL stretched too. That's long term. Right now, I'm just trying to make it to my shoulders stretched and we'll take it from there. I'm currently neck length, with the back reaching the base of my neck and the sides a little above that. My hair grows fastest in the back so I always end up with a weird mullet thing going on.

Oh well, here are a few pictures from the relaxed-natural-back to relaxed-back to natural days!

Relaxed. I loved my hair at this point, especially the long bangs.

Dyed and Fried Hair. Relaxed.

Again loved the hair, but the ends were fried.

Relaxed. I had a decent amount of length. Maintaining a shoulder length balance. At least I know that goal is possible.

Relaxed and getting shorter.

Mostly Natural. Round One.

I wasn't actually cutting my hair. This is me relaxed but working a braid out. My first!

I was transitioning the first time here. Keep it short, straight, and dyed black. What a mess!

Gettiing shorter and lighter...back to relaxed haha ha

Channeling Rihanna at this point. I did the cut myself. Kept it like this for a while and started transitiong again.

Back to Natural! This is where I am now. 90% natural with the front part of my hair still 10% relaxed. Annoying but don't want to cut my hair right now.