Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's Get this Self Challenge Started

I'm back to give you pics of my official length check and what not. I've actually been following this little self challenge of mine for about a week and a half now. After my workouts I've been cowashing with Shea Moisture Black Soap Conditioner and while it's not super slippery, I still manage to do some decent light finger detangling with it.

I've been finger detangling every time I cowash because I feel like if I don't, I will end up with more tangles. After rinsing and getting out of the shower, I usually apply some oil and twist my hair so that my hair can air dry for a bit before I put it in a bun for the evening. The last few days I've actually worn a combination of braids or twists pulled back into a little bun, but for some reason my twists/braids look super fuzzy after a day so I get a little frustrated with them, plus I feel like my ends get more knots when I cowash in twists.

So yeah the challenge begins officially tomorrow, and I'm planning on cowashing after each work out, but every other day I plan on just rinsing my hair with water instead of actually applying any conditioner. I've been sealing with a mixture of olive oil mixed with castor oil and I think I'll start applying this mix to my scalp every other day or two. We'll see...I might save that idea for December's challenge.

Anyway here are some shots of my hair length, a few shots of my smallish braids that I had a few weeks ago, a few of my braid/twist buns and the main bun I wear. Mostly I do a banana clip bun (high or low) but if not that I've been using the goody hair clip. I'm trying not to do too many hair ties because I feel like it breaks my hair, but we'll see. I'll do a few product reviews soon and give some shots of my bunned hair...but I may not always do a bun, but I will make sure my hair is always in a style that has the ends tucked away.

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