Friday, September 21, 2012

WnG turned Braidout?

Hey folks. Quick post. I’ve been rocking a WnG since Tuesday (Sept 11) and last night (Wednesday 13th) I decided to do three flat/corn row braids in the front since my bangs were beginning to lose definition. I part my hair on the right so I had two braids going to the left and one braid going to the…they weren’t the prettiest braids since my flat braiding skills suck, but they worked for me. The rest of the hair I spritzed and put into a bun. In the morning I let the steam from the shower refresh my WnG and fluffed, leaving the braids in to function as a headband. I wore it like that to my first job but pulled the back into a puff for job number two, but for some reason upon arriving to work I decided I wanted to remove my braids…so I did. I wasn’t expecting much and planned on pulling the front back into a sort of hump and the rest of the hair in a puff. Except the definition was awesome! My bangs had some hang time and were curly/wavy from the WnG and braids. I left the hair out to hang in front of my face and pulled up into a bun (the fluffy buff looked weird with the defined bangs).
 I’m definitely going to have to play with this in the future. It would be great in the colder weather for those folks that wash and style on the weekends, and try to have minimal manipulation during the week. If you don’t want to cowash and restyle (especially if it is too cold out) you can just spritz the hair and corn row your WnG, two strand flat twist, or twist/braid regularly. I would apply a lot of product to do this. The water and maybe a little oil or butter to seal just the ends should be good. In the morning unbraid/twist and fluff. You’ll have a lovely hybrid of a WnG plus braid out, with the added bonus of more length since the braids would have stretched out your shrunken WnG. Normally I cowash every other day when wearing WnGs, but with this I could definitely see myself styling on Sunday (wash day), wearing the WnG up until Wednesday (could be in a puff that day) and Wednesday night braid it up and rock a WnG turned braid out the rest of the work week.

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