Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Loose Twists

I was perusing through Youtube the other day and one channel I subscribe to is UrbanBushBabes. I love their channel and they give a lot of great information pertaining to the care of natural hair. Another Youtuber I follow is Alicia James, a gal with fabulous hair and a fabulous voice. Anyway I noticed that both Youtube channels mentioned something I hadn’t tried before; loose twists. In the case of UrbanBushBabes, Cipriana puts her in about 150 loose twists and this allows her to have better styling options with minimal hair damage (seriously check her out, she has some fab hairstyles). Alicia James also does the loose twists, although hers aren’t as loose as Cipriana’s.
Anyway so what are loose twists? Well basically it’s a two strand twist but instead of making tight two strand twists (meaning you twist in the same spot and don’t move down until you can’t twist in the spot anymore) you loosely twirl the two strands. When I did them I started tight at the base of the twist and then basically moved my fingers to the end of my strands as I continued the twists and then twisted/twirled the ends with a little product so that they wouldn’t unravel. As expected the twists puffed right up, which is exactly what I wanted! The puffy looking twists can give the illusion of thicker hair (especially if your hair is thin) and the added bonus is twisting doesn’t take as long. Plus you can wear them down, style them in updos, and kind of have the freedom of loose hair without the extra tangles and knots. Normally I like to do mini twists or small twists, but I hate the long process, the take down, and I always feel like some parts of my hair look too scalpy. The loose twists took about an hour and a half to do (it was my first time…and I was trying to twist while at work) and I loved how thick my hair looked. I think next time I will try to do them a little looser and maybe even a little smaller….we’ll see. I definitely think this is a style that could last a week or two before you would have to restyle and restyling would be easy. Just take a twist down, finger detangle, rub some product through and twist back up; do you whole head. This means no yanking a comb through your hair and detangling should be easier and you should have less breakage. I didn’t wash in these twists, but next time I might try and braid the twists into about eight loose braids (probably band the ends since my hair is short) and wash and condition in the braids, rinsing every product out thoroughly. I would leave the braids in overnight to dry and the next day do the twist by twist finger detangling while at the same time applying a leave-in and sealing. That way your manipulation each week is super low.
I will say that this style should be done on stretched hair. Either an old twist out, braid out, curlformers, bantu knots or you can tension blow dry (this is what I did). The stretched look ensures less tangles and knots, plus the twists look better when they puff out on stretched hair. I only kept these in for three days (yeah…ya’ll know me and my itchy scalp and inability to keep a style in for very long) but could have gone longer if I didn’t feel the need to change my hair style. They were so easy to put in, I wasn’t even mad. Currently I’m back in a WnG  but these twists will definitely come in handy in the colder months when I start wearing my beanies and such.

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