Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I've Learned About my Hair

Some would say when something works for you stick with it, but I think that since hair really is JUST hair, it is okay to experiment and have fun with what you use and how you style your hair. Since becoming fully natural I stuck with two simple rules despite everything: no sulfates and no silicones. The beauty of having a hair blog is that you can see how your hair has changed and how it's grown, what products your were using and how your hair felt.

As I mentioned before, I recently started using sulfates and silicones, mainly because I want to see how my hair reacts and if they are really as bad as people say they are. This is also my way of sticking with drug store finds that I neither have to worry about shipping or steep prices.

I'm fine with this experiment of mine as long as it doesn't lead to my hair falling out.  But I was perusing through my blog and previous posts and pictures and a few things stuck out at me. One was that the Terressentials Mudwash really made my hair feel and look great. Two, my curl definition is pretty strong with the CG method. Three, finger detangling actually made growth/retention obvious to me. Four, my curl pattern is great even without gel and using natural products. Five, despite the single strand knots, WnGs work for me and I wasn't experiencing any hard to get rid of tangles.

Looking through those posts I realize now that CG really is for me and two products in particular have given me great results; Terressentials and Tressame Naturals. Yes I've used a lot of other natural products but I don't need them really and they are mostly for fun and experimentation. These two products and some oils and I really could be good to go hair wise!

I've been off the CG method for a week and I while my hair doesn't feel terrible or dry, it doesn't look as curly naturally (like with CG I can get out of the shower and have a defined look with minimal products). My WnG from the other day, using Paul Mitchell, Eco Argain Oil (added Cantu serum this time) just didn't look the same like my usual Paul Mitchell and Eco Argain Oil gel WnG. I could cowash daily without build up and I just don't think you can do that when not least I can't; my hair gets build up easily I've discovered.

So what does this tell me about my current experiment; to quit of course! Lol. I'm not going to end it just yet, I'm going to go for another three weeks with this experiment, but I do know this is not permanent. I much prefer how my hair feels and looks with the CG method.



Now if I see some AMAZING retention in the next three weeks than I may be eating my words lol!

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