Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two Strand Twist Style

Hey ya'll! Since I got my scalp feeling good, I figured I shouldn't tamper with it too much with cowashing and WnGs, so I started twisting. No I didn't do mini twists, I would say these are on the smaller size of medium.

Before styling I did an over night henna treatment and rinsed Friday morning. I cowshed with my Curl Junkie Curl Rehab (shameful I know...but hey I'm using stuff up). The henna rinsed very well. Sometimes after rinsing I'd scratch my hair two days later and have henna remain under my nails. Not this time. After I got out of the shower I applied Oyin Hair Dew and Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade. I've had both of these products for a while and I don't know why I haven't been using them. They smell soooo good. I love them and might have to keep them in my simple arsenal that I have in mind. I also love the Oyin Shine and Define too and might pick up more of that once some stuff runs out. Anyway I lightly blow dried my hair using the tension method on cool. I didn't dry my hair completely, but it wasn't very damp either. I put my hair in some chunky twists and pulled back with a banana clip. I was able to get out the door on time to work thankfully.

Once home from my first job I decided I wanted to style my hair in twists that I could keep in for a week. I used the Original Moxie Shapeshift to twist. My hair was looking strong and shiny and as I started twisting I noticed they seemed plumper and firmer too. I did something a little different this time around since I just didn't want a bunch of twists hanging straight down as usual, so I did a sort of flat twist style in the front swooping sideways and in the back I twisted straight down. I also did a braided base first for the twists in the back and I think this will keep the fuzzies at bay. In the nape area, which is slowly becoming very very straight for some reason, I braided instead of twisting because this area tends to unravel quickly. Anyway, this weekend I'm wearing the hair down but this style also allows for some pinned up looks that I'll try throughout the week and next weekend I'll remove and wear a twist out for a day or two and then...start the wash process again and maybe twist the hair into a different style.

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