Thursday, August 30, 2012

Twist Out Prep

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to come on here quick and say I took down my twist style yesterday and washed my hair. I was going to henna gloss overnight but opted to just deep condition instead. I did cowash the style once and of course it got fuzzy but didn't look too bad.

Anyway today I'm prepping my hair for a twist out tomorrow. I have the front flat twisted into a headband and the back I twisted with Oyin Hair Dew and sealed with Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade. I followed Naptural85's twist out method and pulled the twists around my head and pinned down, that way the take down tomorrow will yield a nice stretched twist out. But...I can't exactly go to my evening job looking like a crazy person so I put a satin scarf on the back half of my head to cover the twists and on top of this I put on my snood. This thing has been a life saver. With two jobs I can't always freely style my hair and most of my styles need to be prepped during the afternoon in between jobs but still allow me to look normal at work. The snood is perfect for covering up half done twists or a raggedy twist out until you have time to work on your hair. It's simple and stylish and even a little bit retro. I got mine from and I'm thinking I might need to get a few more colors...winter is coming after all and my evening job isn't going to allow me to wear my cute threadmill a snood will have to do. Plus it's considered a protective style option too!

Cowashed twists...they actually stayed put

Yeah...I gotta get better at flat twisting...but this works for now

Thin edeges...castor oil and viviscal have greatly improved them though

And the results!


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