Thursday, August 2, 2012

See ya later WnGs

So I yesterday I decided to retire my WnG for a bit. I've been rocking the style for a month and a half and I still love it, but I was seeing tons of single strand knots all of a sudden. I was oil rinsing, deep conditioning, etc but they were everywhere! Had to trim up to half an inch off and still I can feel a few I missed. Now I think my hair was thriving with the WnG and don't think the knots were too damaging but I want to get them under control for a bit so I've gone back into mini twists. As usual I want to keep them in for a month but we'll see. 

Since I recently got engaged my desire for long hair is even stronger because I want to have some length on the day of my wedding. I've got a year and a half to reach my goal of APL, if not BSL. I'm hoping that I won't come out of the twists until the end of the year...meaning I'll just untwist a section at a time, finger detangle, and twist back up. While in twists I do plan on washing and deep conditioning my hair, but since that usually ruins the style faster I'm going to try to do this on a biweekly basis first and see how my hair behaves. Since I know my hair does best when in protective styles and left alone, I figured I need to buckle down and just do it. Having the wedding goal in mind is really helping me get focused on retention. Hopefully this will yield results. If the mini twists don't work out through cleansing than I might switch them to small braids...I'd say mini but I can't even imagine the work and time going into that.

Oh yeah I'm also going to try to keep the mini twists pinned up or in a bun most of the time, that way they can't get fuzzy and unravel too fast.

Anyway here are a few shots of my last few WnGs...I'll miss them and will definitely bring them back in a few month...or beginning of next year if I can help it!

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