Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scalp Conditions and a Return to Finger Detangling

Ooooh Weee I’ve been giving my Denman a workout lately. I’ve used the thing like 10 times this month and this was after months of not using anything but my fingers. Now I love finger detangling, but I’ve been messing in my hair so much this week that the Denman was a necessary evil when I cleansed my hair today. I also don’t think the Denman is terrible. I didn’t have tons of hair in the brush despite my heavy shedding recently (might be time for some protein). I also used it while my hair was loaded with Curl Junkie Curl Rehab before combing and the Denman just glided through my hair. I’m officially going back to finger detangling only, but combing my hair today made me realize I probably should use the Denman brush at least every other month, just to make sure my hair is thoroughly detangled.
On another note, I’ve been dealing with some seriously horrendous itchy scalp lately. Every time I work out or overly sweat, by scalp begins to itch and feels like it’s on fire. Usually once I cool down the feeling fades but lately it’s been a constant issue. I find myself waking up scratching my head at night and my scalp is tender and raw from the damage my finger nails caused. Not good. Plus lately I’ve been noticing a few bumps. They aren’t always present, but in the crown area and towards the front of my hair I feel a few of them sometimes. So what does a gal do when she can’t finger something out? Google it of course! I typed in my symptoms and the first thing that popped up was Seborrhea Dermatitis. I have pretty much all the symptoms but not dandruff…but upon a closer examination of my scalp I did realize that it looks a little scaly and crusty. Yikes. I searched for products used to combat this condition and a lot of them recommended medicated shampoos that had ingredients like tar or salysilic acid. They also had sulfates or parabens in them and since I’m trying to go more natural I didn’t want to use any of that stuff. So I searched for “natural” remedies and things like tea tree oil and coconut oil were recommended. The tea tree oil helped but didn’t stop the itching and I finally tried a medicated shampoo that didn’t offer much relief either. Today I used my Bobeams J’Rels Detox bar and let it sit a minute before rinsing. This actually helped a great deal. I conditioned with my Curl Junkie and once out of the shower I applied a mix of JBCO and coconut oil to my scalp. So far so good.
I think it will take some time to get this condition under control, but I do believe I can use natural products and find relief. I didn’t notice this issue when I was using the Terressentials and I think the natural, healing benefits of Bentonite Clay is great for scalp conditions because it not only cleanses, but it purifies as well. Seborrhea Dermatitis is usually a sign of too much sebum production (probably because I sweat so much in my scalp when working out) and or too much yeast in the scalp. I thought maybe shampooing more often would be a good idea, but I know in the case of my face too much cleansing leads to even more breakouts because I’m stripping my hair of all the natural oils. I’m going to use my Bobeams bar twice a month as recommended and see if the problem clears up. Once I get the Terressentials again I’ll be using that once a month. In between cleansings I’m going to limit the things I put on my scalp to JBCO, castor oil and jojoba oil as well as cowashing weekly. Now this time around when I cowash I don’t plan on applying conditioner to my scalp because I think my scalp gets irritated by conditioner, instead I will just rinse my scalp with water and massage with my fingertips to loosen any dirty and build up. I may even do a acv rinse prior to my mudwash just to be safe. We’ll see. It’s a work in progress but my biggest goal is to get the itching under control because scratching my head is not helping in this healthy hair journey.
**Currently my scalp is only a little itchy. Trying not to l think about.  

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