Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Product Review: Bobeam’s Cocoa Rhassoul Clay Detox Shampoo Bar

Ya’ll know that I’m a fan of the Terressentials Mudwash, but I’ve been out of this stuff for a few months now and I haven’t repurchased yet because I had like a million shampoo bars to use up and some other cleansers. Plus I live an hour from the Terressentials store and haven’t quite gotten around to getting out there.
I plan on making the Terressentials my holy grail, everything I could ever need item…but until then I’m experimenting with other things…most particularly Bobeam’s shampoo bars. I love the shampoo bars and how they make my hair feel, although a few of them do give my hair a weird feeling post shower. This is usually the case with shampoo bars and an apple cider vinegar rinse usually takes care of the problem but I am way too lazy for that so I just leave the hair alone and it feels fine enough to me.
Last week I tried the J’Rels Detox Bar and liked it but wasn’t in love with it. This bar has Kanolin Clay as opposed to bentonite or Rhassoul.  I only have experience with those two clays and get good results with both. The Terressentials has bentonite clay, while my Anita Grant Conditioning cures have Rhassoul clay.  Both clays give me good results. I love bentonite clay more, but Rhassoul clay imparts a little more softness usually.
 Today I washed with the Cocoa Rhassoul bar. First let me say that this bar looks like I could eat it and smells just as good. It has actually cocoa powder in it and I’ve discovered recently that my hair detangles pretty well with a combo of cocoa butter and jojoba oil. I get pretty good deep conditioning with this combo too. Anyway, I used this bar to cleanse my hair today in order to prep for a henna gloss this evening. Prior to cleansing I section my hair in four and used the Qhmet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee to finger detangle. Ummm and I also used my Denman too. I know, I know, shame on me but I had tons of tangles and my fingers weren’t working through them all, but whatever. I didn’t lose too much hair and detangling was a breeze with the Qhmet (review to come later). I hopped in the shower and going a section at a time I lathered up the shampoo bar and rubbed it along my roots and then along the hair shaft (used a lot of castor oil this week). I did this for each section and then let this sit on my hair and scalp while I did other shower things. I mostly let it sit to see if the Rhassoul clay in this bar would give me some additional softening and to treat my seborrhea dermatitis a little (clay seems to be helping actually). After a few minutes I rinsed my hair section by section and finger detangled a little more. Ahhh my hair felt nice. Soft and my fingers were combing through my hair easily. Plus I didn’t have that waxy, weird feeling that has happened with other Bobeam’s shampoo bars. My scalp also felt nice and clean after the wash and my scalp felt soothed and not itchy at all (+1 for that). 
This was my first impression with the bar and I will use it again just to confirm its awesomeness. I definitely think I could keep this bar as a holy grail and it’d be great for travelling purposes or quick wash purposes when the mud wash would be just too inconvenient.
I still have the Cheris Hibiscus bar to try, the Shealoe, and I just received the Vashti Ayurvedic bar….not sure when I will try them considering I want to stick with the Rhassoul one for a bit, but I’ll let you know when I do!

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  1. I'm all late on this review! But it's great :o) I am glad you had good results with the bars!