Friday, August 3, 2012

Product Junkie Rehab

It's RIDICULOUS how many products I have. Do I honestly need 15 conditioners? Do I need 8 different cleansers for hair that gets washed once a week? Good grief my product junkism knows no bounds! I've been eyeing my stash recently and it's official, this ish has got to go! I am COMMITTED to not buying a single thing until I use up some of this stuff. I'm serious. No more stopping my CVS and picking up my Tressame simply because its on sale. No trying the latest CG friendly shampoo ( local CVS now has the Curls line, Shea Moisture, and Nubian Heritage...dammit). After I use up some things then I can start looking at new stuff, but until then I'm giving hair products the cold shoulder.

In addition I'm not buying any hair accessories either. I've barely worn a headband or flower or bow in the last few why am I always looking at the latest shiny bobble at CVS just because it's buy one get one free? Until I get some length I am gonna steer clear of hair decorations.

The only purchase I will make is for plastic caps (but only when I start to run out). No bobby pins, no scarves, no hair clips, zip!

I must be strong. Honestly sometimes I feel like a crackhead walking by the beauty supply store, itching for something that I don't even need! It's crazy.

So what spurred this rehab? Well I'm getting married in about a year and a half and since the fiance and I have been talking budgets, I realize I really need to be more frugal in my spending and more generous in my saving. Wish me luck folks! It's gonna be hard. If I make it to the end of the year without buying anything that will be a miracle!

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