Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Narrowing down a regimen and products

Alright…I’m a product junkie, I can admit it. I find it hard not to be a product junkie, especially when there are sooooo many products and brands to try out there! But I’ve been looking at labels lately and I’m realizing that a lot of products are exactly the same! Sure this one smells different, or on that one they have Shea Butter as the second ingredient instead of the third, but still most of the stuff I have is basically the same. So why do I feel the need to look at other moisturizers that all say the same thing, or conditioners that pretty much do the same? And half the stuff I buy, I could probably make myself.
You see, I really want to be more natural and organic with the things I use in my everyday life. Not just for my hair, but I’m talking lotion, bodywash…I’d say deodorant but I tried natural deodorants before and frankly I’m sticking with Dove.
Hair doesn’t need all this crap. For curly haired chicks, moisture is the most important aspect of a good hair regimen and there is no cheaper product than water. It’s everywhere and your hair will thank you for a tasty drink every day. The second important aspect of a good hair regimen would probably be sealing in that moisture/lubricating the ends of your hair with a butter or oil. Most oils aren’t that expensive and a big bottle of castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil will last you for a few weeks and will moisturize your hair better than anything else. Now I know what works for some naturals doesn’t work for others, but I know that my hair thrives off simplicity and likes oils and natural products better than silicones and sulfates, and I know my hair prefers little manipulation; therefore I’m trying to narrow down my products to a few key items and also narrow down my regimen. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about; this isn’t a set regimen nor are these set products just yet…especially since I have stuff to use up still, but it’s a step in the right direction.
Now I kinda already use a lot of natural body products. My favorite cleanser is the Nubian Heritage Black Soap Body Wash or the Dr. Bonners Shea Butter Castille Soap which doubles as my face wash. I use Nature’s Gate Fragrance Free Lotion, and Dove deodorant. Make-up I use Bare Escentials, but my lipstick brands are drug store brand…whatever.
Anyway here’s my idea hair product list and regimen.
Staple Products:
1)      Cleanser: Terressentials Mudwash and/or one bobeams shampoo bar in my rotation (figuring out my favorite now).
2)      Conditioner (for cowashing only): Kiss My Face Whenever Conditioner, Giovanni Conditioners and/or Desert Essence Conditioners
3)      Protein: I consider Henna (followed by Indigo) my protein. Or I will use mayo, egg and honey.
4)      Oils/Sealants/Prepoo: All of them! I like different kinds for prepoos and sealing.
5)      Butters/Sealants: Shea Butter, Cacoa Butter, and or Mango Butter (it’s a little lighter)
6)      Stylers: Aloe Vera Gel…haven’t tried it for a WnG but I’ll MAKE it work. Or Flax Seed Gel.
7)      Moisturizer: Water and Aloe Vera Juice with Lavender essential oil. Maybe a little vegetable glycerin too.
**I’m not going to add a deep conditioner component because I consider my prepoo my deep conditioning too. If I do need the extra conditioning I’ll use Aloe Vera Gel and EVOO or Yogurt/Mayo.
While I love WnGs, I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to do them during the winter time, especially since I think Maryland is going to get pretty cold this time around. So my regimen will change/be tweaked with depending on the weather/season.
Spring, Summer, and Early Fall: Wash and Go Styling…with the occasional twist out.
1)      Cowash 2 or 3 times a week (depends on how crazy my WnG is looking).
2)      Deep condition/Prepoo Weekly with Steamer (if time permits). Follow with a cowash and oil rinse.
3)      Cleanse Biweekly
**Now cleansing is tricky for me because if I’m working out like I should, my head gets pretty sweaty so depending on how my scalp feels I’ll cleanse either weekly or biweekly. I like to cleanse more often in warmer weather anyway.
Late Fall and Winter: Two Strand Twist 5-6 days out of the week. “Out” styles for special occasions only.
1)      Deep condition/Prepoo weekly with steamer
2)      Following prepoo session with a cowash in shower
3)      Following the cowash, oil rinse using either evoo or coconut oil. Let sit a bit while shower and rinse with warm water.
4)      Apply a little aloe vera juice to hair and seal ends with an oil or butter. Two strand twist hair.
5)      Occasionally install mini twists, leave in two weeks, and then follow steps above. (This is usually convenient if I’m travelling a lot around the holidays…or working a lot).
Phew! Looks like the start of a beautiful plan! Now I’m currently rocking WnGs again and I will until the end of September and begin this new regimen October 1…well more like October 7 since I’ll be out of town the weekend prior. I think by then I will have used a lot of stuff up, but some of the things like my Reve Essentials, Jessicurl, Koils by Nature, Oyin, etc I will continue to use and until they are ALL gone I won't be getting to the simple products list I described above. Most of these products are all natural and were kind of expensive and I don’t want to waste them. I’m really excited to narrow down my hair regimen and list. The hardest part will be staying strong when walking by the beauty supply store. PJism is real folks! But I’m hoping this will teach me how to be more disciplined.
Wish me luck folks! On a side note, I experimented with today’s WnG a bit. I cleansed in the shower with Neutrogena T-Gel for Build-up (no sulfates). My head has been itching something terrible and always after working out and this is supposed to help with that. I won’t do it often but today it was nice. Plus I’m officially back to CG so this was also a good time to cleanse my hair of the silicones. Following the shampoo, I applied Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Fortifying Conditioner to my hair. This didn’t have instant slip like my Tressame Naturals of Kiss My Face; I had to let it sit a bit and then go back and fingers detangle. Can’t say I really like it but I’ll give it another try. After rinsing and while still in the shower, Instead of using gel I used my Donna Marie Dream Curling Crème. I like this stuff but I don’t need it. I’ve never used it for a WnG and might have been heavy handed…but the good news is that it’s nearly gone. I’ll only get one more use out of it for another WnG. My definition looks like I used gel though which is super cool! My hair shrunk up a lot but feels soft and smells like cake lol. For my next WnG I’m going to try the Original Moxie Shapeshifter.

My Donna Marie Dream Curling Creme WnG (Still Wet):

WnG with Original Moxie Shapeshifter:

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