Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moist, Juicy Twists

I haven't really been feeling twists and twist outs recently...mostly because I'm lazy and don't feel like twisting. Plus my twists will look good, but then the resulting twist out falls yeah like I said before I've returned to WnGs and I was recently reading the book Curly Like Me by Terri LaFlesh and she talks about her Tightly Curly Method which is essentially doing WnGs with conditioner only. She says that instead of rinsing the conditioner out of your hair, leave it in and comb/style your hair that way. The results "should" be soft, defined hair with zero crunch.

I gave this a try today and I can't tell you yet if it worked for me or not. For one thing I didn't do this on freshly washed hair. I hadn't washed in almost a week, but had cowashed twice and used gels too. On top of this producty hair I decided to overnight deep condition and cowash in the morning before work and try the Tightly Curly Method then using Aussie Moist and detangling with my Denman...yeah epic fail. I had super product overload. The ends of my hair were white with product and while my hair felt soft it looked gunky. I didn't have time to wash before my first job so I just put my hair into a bun and left.

After work I was just going to leave it alone and wait to wash on the weekend but I changed my mind about an hour before I had to leave for job number two. I hoped in the shower, split my hair in four sections and shampooed with my Shea Moisture Shampoo (this has Sodium Laureth Sulfate). This was my second time using this shampoo and the heavily coated hair sort of acted as a prepoo and my hair didn't feel dry after rinsing. I followed this with the Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness. I finger combed this through each and did shower things before rinsing each section and finger detangling some more. I applied more conditioner to each section and while doing this the maintenacne workers that I had been expecting started pounding on my door. I quickly finish applying conditioner, hopped out of the shower, tossed on clothes while still soaking wet with my hair dripping all over the place and let them in.

While they did their work I looked in the mirror and just couldn't see the Tightly Curly Method working for me in that moment...I mean it could have if I wanted a fluffy WnG but I suddenly had the urge to see how a twist out would look so I started grabbing sections of hair for medium sized twists (didn't even towel dry and just worked with the wet hair). The only additional product I used besides the conditioner was Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my ends. When I reached the bottom of a twist, before twirling, I coated the end in JBCO and twirled. My ends never looked better! They were super smooth, shiny and twirled perfectly into a little curl. I've also never twisted so fast in my life because I had to leave for work soon. I let the twists shrink up and look even chunkier, tossed on a silk scarf/turned headband and headed out the door.

I'm now at work and while my hair isn't 100 percent dry, it's pretty close and feels amazingly soft. I really liked both the smell of the HE conditioner and how it made my hair feel. There is a bit of frizz in the crown area but I didn't really apply conditioner close to my roots so that makes sense and doesn't look bad. I can't wait to see what my twist out will look like. I'm going to leave them in tonight and tomorrow morning and take them down before tomorrow evening. Once I do that I'll come back on here and post the pics of my twists and the resulting twist out.

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