Thursday, August 16, 2012

Inability to Protective Style: Return to the WnG

As much as I love all things hair, this past weekend made me realize I don't really like styling my least not if it takes too long. I put in twists on Sunday and told myself I would leave them in until Friday but after yesterday's workout I removed them since my hair was pretty much drenched with sweat and when twisted up I feel even ickier than if I were rocking a WnG....and well prior to that I made it a week and a half with the mini twists before they were beginning to go stale on me. I was pulling some hair in front of my face today and it seems that my little video didn't quite show the true length of the front. In the video it looks like I'm at the tip of my nose but my pictures today show that I am actually at my top lip! That's growth ya'll but most importantly that's retention.

For a month and a half I solely did WnGs and despite the numerous single strand knots my hair, I actually wasn't having a problem with cowashing and finger detangling every few days. I think the single strands knots mostly surprised me and annoyed me and probably wouldn't be so numerous if I didn't occassionally spend time at work twirling strands of hair. Anyway my point is that I've gone back to my WnG for now and will probably keep at it until it gets too cold out to leave the house with wet hair. I tried a twist out temporarly yesterday and just didn't like how my hair looked. I've gotten too used to WnGs! (Plus when I do twist outs I prefer flat twist outs).

mini twists removed

So yeah...despite my wedding hair growth challenge, I'm going back to WnGs. I think my hair benefits and my scalp feels good when I wet it every other day and it's obvious I can retain length with WnGs and it's just the look I prefer at the moment plus it's super quick and super easy. On days I work out and sweat a lot I know I can hop in the shower cowash, apply my leave in and gel and get out the door without worrying about twisting or pulling back on my hair.

I will say I've officially ended my CurlyGirl regimen. I want to see how my hair does with silicones and sulfates (shocking I know). I do think my hair was pretty moisturized with the CG method, but I want to see if CG is necessary for me. To kick things off I deep conditioned Friday for about 9 hours with the LeKair Cholestarol Cream and added a few drops of the Cantu Silk and Shine Serum (this was right after removing mini twists). Talk about instant detangling! I didn't even comb through, just applied, slapped on a plastic cap, a snood and went to work. After work, I detangled with my detangling brush and put in about eight to ten braids. In the shower I used my Shea Moisture Shampoo which has Sodium Laureth Sulfate. That stuff was actually pretty moisturizing and didn't lather as much as I expected. Post shower I noticed that not all my DC was removed but I think my braids were too tight. Next time I will twist. I followed up with the Shea Moisture Leave-in and sealed with the Cantu. Hair felt great and it was the smoothest my ends had felt in a while. The ends of my twists were curling nicely and I couldn't stop feeling them. My scalp wasn't angry after the shampoo and my hair didn't revolt against the silicones and actually felt very soft and moisturized.

Today...despite my PJ rehab  (everything was on sale at least) I picked up a few conditioners with cones for cowashing (Aussie Moist, Tressame Luxurious Moisture, HE Hello Hydration) so that I can test out my silicone theory. Weekly I'll wash with a sulfate shampoo in order to avoid build-up. Today I used the Aussie Moist to cowash. I split my pseudo twist out into four, wet my hair thoroughly in the shower, and applied Aussie Moist liberally to each section (when I "cowash" I don't actually use the conditioner on my scalp most of the time. I usually wet my scalp and massage a bit to loosen any dirty and apply the condtioner to my hair a few inches from my scalp). I did shower things and then went back to my hair and finger detangling was a breeze! Plus the conditioner smells amazing and gave me that slip that few cone-free conditioners give. I was in heaven! I nearly left it in my hair because my curls were clumping nicely too (maybe next time). Post shower I used my Paul Mitchell leave-in, some cantu serum to seal and styled with the Eco Argan Oil. My WnG seems to have shrunk up more than usual but feels softer than any other WnG I've done. I was heavy handed with my gel as usual but I have zero crunch. Awesome! I cant wait to try the Tressame conditioners and the HE Hello Hydration...think I'm gonna love them. Oh and I'm not feeling any knots. I'll keep you guys posted!

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