Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1 Week of Twists

Oh boy. One week down...two more to go. I gotta admit, my head is itching and my hand is twitching to take out these mini twists. I think I just need to go ahead and wash them. I'm going to try Naptural85's method and see how my hair fairs. If it starts to knot up or look matted, I think these twists will be coming out at the close of week two.

If that's the case and because my scalp prefers weekly washing, I will put in about 20 or 25 twists and wear those pinned back or in a bun until wash day. If I follow that method I prepoo with an oil and conditioner either overnight before wash day or with my steamer the day of. I'll go section by section and apply product to each twist...I probably won't even unravel them. After prepooing, I'll wash in the shower with twists and apply my rinse out conditioner. Out of the shower I will untwist a twists, detangle thoroughly, apply my leave-in and sealant, and then twist it back up. This will probably benefit me more than mini twists because I won't have tons of shed hair building up, my hair manipulation remains minimal, and I'll still be protective styling. Also this means I'll get to use up some products! I seriously want to minimize my stash because there are a few brands I want to try before I buckle down on holy grails.

Here's how I wore my hair today. Everyday I've been mostly wearing the twists back in a bun. At work I'll let the hair down for a bit to relieve tension on my scalp and then I put my hair back up.

I like mini twists but I don't know how someone could keep them for weeks at a time. I worked out twice this week and sweat like a maniac and didn't wash...and my scalp is going crazy (would ya'll hate me if I only made it to this weekend...a measly week and a half. If I twist it right back up into the larger twists does that still count?) Guess my video lied a bit...but I did say I would protective style and figure out what works best for me in building my regimen. Baby steps!

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  1. I am trying to use up products as well. I really liked some of the ones you sent me. I think my hair liked them too :)