Sunday, July 8, 2012

Loving WnGs!

For the rest of the summer I think the WnG is pretty much going to be my signature style. They are sooooo easy and I've managed to get up to five days out of one WnG (granted the definition isn't the greatest by this point and the hair is a little dry, but throw it up in a puff and it works).

For this WnG I cowshed in the shower in eight twisted sections using Tressame Naturals Nourishing Moisture. Actually I should mention that the night before I used my NowFoods Cocoa Butter with jojoba oil. I applied this to sections of hair, heavily coating the strands and then finger detangled. This was probably the gentlest and easiest finger detangling session I've ever had. When I finished a section I just two strand twisted it so that it wouldn't tangle back up. When I was done with my entire head I put on a plastic cap, scarf, and a beanie so that the heat could help the oil penetrate my hair overnight. I decided to use this deep conditioning method because I knew it was going to be  busy weekend and that I wouldn't have any time to sit under my steamer...I'll probably have to do something similar next weekend too since again steaming probably won't be an option.

The next morning I woke up and cowshed with the tressame naturals while my hair was still in twists. The first time around I focused on my scalp and the second time I squeezed the conditioner along the length of my hair and then let it sit for a bit while I did other shower things. When I got out I squeezed the water out of my twists. Going twist by twists, I would untwist, apply my Paul Mitchell The Conditioner leave-in and this time around I used Eco Styler Yellow which has a hold of 8. Again I did a smoothing method to each section and broke it down even further by smoothing smaller sections. Again it took about half an hour to complete. I was worried that this Eco would dry crunchy but again after a little smoothing and fluffing my hair was soft and shiny looking and didn't take very long to dry either. I think Paul Mitchell and Eco are two peas in a pod. I'll have to experiment with other leave-ins to see if they work just as well with the Eco.

Anyway here is a pic of day one. I'm currently on day two and after I pineapple my hair tonight, I'll be moving on to day three tomorrow. If I have time I might cowash on day five (Wednesday) and try to squeeze in a steaming session before refreshing my WnG...but we'll see.

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