Sunday, July 8, 2012

Loving WnGs!

For the rest of the summer I think the WnG is pretty much going to be my signature style. They are sooooo easy and I've managed to get up to five days out of one WnG (granted the definition isn't the greatest by this point and the hair is a little dry, but throw it up in a puff and it works).

For this WnG I cowshed in the shower in eight twisted sections using Tressame Naturals Nourishing Moisture. Actually I should mention that the night before I used my NowFoods Cocoa Butter with jojoba oil. I applied this to sections of hair, heavily coating the strands and then finger detangled. This was probably the gentlest and easiest finger detangling session I've ever had. When I finished a section I just two strand twisted it so that it wouldn't tangle back up. When I was done with my entire head I put on a plastic cap, scarf, and a beanie so that the heat could help the oil penetrate my hair overnight. I decided to use this deep conditioning method because I knew it was going to be  busy weekend and that I wouldn't have any time to sit under my steamer...I'll probably have to do something similar next weekend too since again steaming probably won't be an option.

The next morning I woke up and cowshed with the tressame naturals while my hair was still in twists. The first time around I focused on my scalp and the second time I squeezed the conditioner along the length of my hair and then let it sit for a bit while I did other shower things. When I got out I squeezed the water out of my twists. Going twist by twists, I would untwist, apply my Paul Mitchell The Conditioner leave-in and this time around I used Eco Styler Yellow which has a hold of 8. Again I did a smoothing method to each section and broke it down even further by smoothing smaller sections. Again it took about half an hour to complete. I was worried that this Eco would dry crunchy but again after a little smoothing and fluffing my hair was soft and shiny looking and didn't take very long to dry either. I think Paul Mitchell and Eco are two peas in a pod. I'll have to experiment with other leave-ins to see if they work just as well with the Eco.

Anyway here is a pic of day one. I'm currently on day two and after I pineapple my hair tonight, I'll be moving on to day three tomorrow. If I have time I might cowash on day five (Wednesday) and try to squeeze in a steaming session before refreshing my WnG...but we'll see.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

DevaCurl Gotta Go

I tried folks, I really did, but the DevaCurl is going bye bye. I started using it last…Thursday? And while my hair looked alright, it didn’t feel so great. I thought my hair was pretty moisturized that first day, but because of swimming and needing to DC, my hair just felt drier and drier the more I used it, and plus my WnG wasn’t looking like how I wanted it to. The ArcAngel is just not heavy enough for my hair and I know I’m supposed to do the whole “scrunch out the crunch” thang but my hair didn’t feel bouncy and beautifully curly afterwards…it just felt dry and that’s even with the One Conditioner as a leave-in. That first day I thought my hair was pretty detangled but when I refreshed my WnG for day two, I could feel all those single strand knots cropping up…and I know that’s usually the case with WnG’s but not to this extent.
I think maybe what my hair didn’t like was the hops in all of these products.  And while they were expensive I don’t want to keep using them because I don’t feel like my hair will benefit. I know the bottle says to give it a few weeks for your hair to get used to it, but that’s for people going CG and I was already sulfate and cone free to begin with and I know what moisturized hair feels like and that wasn’t it folks! I was really hoping to like this product too because the smell is pretty nice.
Anyway my DevaCurl items are going into a little goody back for my aunt and her daughter to experiment with while I move on to different things.
Since I still want to stick with a cone free regimen, I’ve opted to do a conditioner only method now, meaning that for “cleansing” purposes I’m going to use conditioner, so basically each week I’ll be cowashing…maybe twice a week depending on how my hair looks and feels. For styling purposes I’m going with the WnG as part of my challenge. Each weekend I plan on steaming/prepooing/dcing and then cowashing.
My cowashing conditioner of choice is my Tressame Naturals, I finally found the one without the Isopropyl alcohol and for a cheapie conditioner, it gives awesome slip.  I used that for today’s WnG. I cleansed with the Tressame in the shower and finger detangled in eight sections and then two strand twisted those sections so the hair wouldn’t tangle back up. After this I used my micro fiber towel to squeeze the excess water out of my hair and going section by section I applied a small amount of Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner” followed by Eco Styler Blue. I was tempted to get rid of the Paul Mitchell because of the parabens in the product…but then I realized that I’ve been using sunscreens and make-up with parabens, which actually go onto my skin so why would I freak out about these products on my hair. Eventually I would like to go completely organic/natural with the things I use but…until I hit the lottery or use up a lot of what I have, that won’t be happening any time soon. I really liked how the Paul Mitchell slid onto my hair and it seemed to have a decent amount of slip to it. I was a little heavy handed with the Eco Styler and using Mahoganycurls method, I smoothed the gel through my hair section by section. Normally I “rake” the gel through my hair and this was my first time smoothing. My hair clumped and curled soooo much better with the smoothing technique! I couldn’t believe it! And the smaller my sections were, the coilier my hair became. I was pretty stoked as I did my hair…until I came to the bang area which is the bane of all things hair for me. This area does not coil or curl but instead half heartedly waves a bit. I made it work for me though.  For added flare I tossed a flower in my hair. My hair dried a little crunchy but I’ve been smoothing it with my hand now that its dry and the crunch is disappearing and my hair feels really soft. Me thinks I love Eco Blue…the hold is only a five so I thing that attributes to the fact that it isn’t crunchy but soft…and the Paul Mitchell probably helped too.
So yeah these three products are all I’m using for July, plus a little Camille Rose’s Curl Milk for mornings to refresh my WnG and for deep conditioning I’m using Cocoa Butter mixed with jojoba oil as my prepoo treatment for steaming sessions.
Now fingers crossed I can get second day hair. I’m hoping to get at least three day hair out of one WnG because although it’s called that it took me about half an hour to completely style my hair post shower. Ideally I would like this WnG to last five or six day and that way I would reach wash day again and just repeat the process. In the meantime I’m going to keep an eye on my ends to make sure the single strand knots don’t start appearing like crazy….I feel like this firmer holding gel will help keep everything in place…hopefully.

So I wrote this post a few days ago, but could only start posting pictures now. So here is the WnG Days 1-3. Never had 3rd day hair before! And I plan on making it one more day!

Day 1

Day 1...the front doesn't look too bad despite the lack of curl

day 1

Day 2

Day 2



Day 3

Day 3

Day 3...the front definition is pretty much gone, so I pinned it back. Works for me and it's how I will wear it tomorrow too!