Thursday, June 28, 2012

Terressentials Mudwash Detox Day 4

Here is my hair on day four of my Terressentials Mudwash detox. This is right out of the shower without applying any product. At this point in the detox I would say that my hair is pretty much good to go. I did one more wash on day 5 but decided to not wash on days 6 and 7...not because my hair was feeling stripped, in fact my hair has been drying very soft and fluffy...but it just felt like too much manipulation for me and since I wasn't using products with cones, paragons, sulfates etc anyway...I don't think I needed to detox very thoroughly. So today is technically day 6 but I decided to go ahead and start with my DevaCurl products. Will post about that tomorrow. 

Turns out that the front, top layer of hair just grows out wavy/straight...annoying but gotta face the facts!

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