Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Twist and Curl

Not sure if I mentioned it but on the 21st it was my birthday. The night before I opted to twist with some Koils By Nature Gel and rolled just the ends on perm rods. In the morning I just untwisted and fluffed. Loved the look. didn't last since I decided to go to the pool (97 degrees that day) and got my hair wet. So I washed in the shower with my mud wash and did a WnG using just Tressame Naturals Conditioner. It was the easiest WnG ever and although it wasn't super defined, I liked the look all the same. And I tossed in a random picture of the BraidnGo that I did on Saturday before going out dancing. My hair was still damp when I released the braids, but I didn't mind...that is until I returned at 3am and saw the puff ball my hair had become. Dancing will do that to you and since I had way too much fun drinking and dancing, I couldn't care too much about the crazy hair. Lol.

Birthday TwistnCurl

Saturday's BraidnGo


Twists before attaching the perm rods

Birthday tressame naturals WnG using conditioner only

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