Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Twist and Curl

Not sure if I mentioned it but on the 21st it was my birthday. The night before I opted to twist with some Koils By Nature Gel and rolled just the ends on perm rods. In the morning I just untwisted and fluffed. Loved the look. didn't last since I decided to go to the pool (97 degrees that day) and got my hair wet. So I washed in the shower with my mud wash and did a WnG using just Tressame Naturals Conditioner. It was the easiest WnG ever and although it wasn't super defined, I liked the look all the same. And I tossed in a random picture of the BraidnGo that I did on Saturday before going out dancing. My hair was still damp when I released the braids, but I didn't mind...that is until I returned at 3am and saw the puff ball my hair had become. Dancing will do that to you and since I had way too much fun drinking and dancing, I couldn't care too much about the crazy hair. Lol.

Birthday TwistnCurl

Saturday's BraidnGo


Twists before attaching the perm rods

Birthday tressame naturals WnG using conditioner only

Terressentials Mudwash Detox Day 4

Here is my hair on day four of my Terressentials Mudwash detox. This is right out of the shower without applying any product. At this point in the detox I would say that my hair is pretty much good to go. I did one more wash on day 5 but decided to not wash on days 6 and 7...not because my hair was feeling stripped, in fact my hair has been drying very soft and fluffy...but it just felt like too much manipulation for me and since I wasn't using products with cones, paragons, sulfates etc anyway...I don't think I needed to detox very thoroughly. So today is technically day 6 but I decided to go ahead and start with my DevaCurl products. Will post about that tomorrow. 

Turns out that the front, top layer of hair just grows out wavy/straight...annoying but gotta face the facts!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Revised July Challenge I posted like a day ago that I was going to use a sulfate free shampoo and cones for my July challenge, but I chickened out on that and unpublished the post to save for a later date. I'm still planning on doing that at some point, but until then I've decided to embrace a full Curly Girl regimen for my remaining time in the Hairscapades grow out challenge. Up until now I've been sort of following this regimen in that I don't use sulfates or cones, and I stopped using my Denman brush and wide tooth comb, and started finger detangling.

Last week I got my hair trimmed and wasn’t too thrilled because I believe the stylist used a conditioner with cones…at least a sulfate free shampoo was used. Plus they used a comb to detangle my hair and it wasn’t the gentlest session and it felt like I was getting strands of hair ripped out. Then there was the blow drying which I’m sure led to even more broken hairs. To top it off, my ends were so knotted which wasn’t helping the detangling session. I will say that my hair feels much better since getting the trim and the ends feel smoother. I think I might need to get my trims every two months instead of three because it just seems like single strand knots and splits happen around the 3 month mark…make as my hair gets healthier and longer, it’ll get easier. Oh yeah, even with the trim I’m still full shoulder length in the back and nearly shoulder length on the sides…in fact my hair doesn’t seem like it got any shorter which I guess is the point of a trim right?

That being said, I decided to follow the Terressentials Mudwash detox. I’m nearly out of my Left Coast Lemon, and have just enough to complete the detox actually. I wanted to do the detox since I wasn’t sure about the products used at the salon and because I never did the full seven days when I first tried the mudwash. I only did a three day detox and called it a day and this time I really want to get through the whole thing.

Today was day three and I did two washes. My hair feels really soft and fluffy. I finger detangled in the shower in four sections and once out the only thing I applied to each section was my Naptural85’s hair and body oil mix. I smoothed this over each section and didn’t rake through. Easiest WnG ever! I figure I should keep it simple since I have to mudwash again tomorrow…so no point twisting and all that. I’m at work now and since I didn’t use any gel or heavy products with my WnG, my hair is actually dry and like I said, soft! The only thing is that my curls aren’t super defined (not like they can be when I use gel), but I think I like my hair soft and fluffy as opposed to defined and crunchy…again it’s a look I’ll appreciate more once my hair is longer. 

After I complete the detox (Friday) I plan on moving on to the DevaCurl products. Usually I’m all over the map with products, but my self challenge for July is to stick with one brand only. As I understand it, most products are meant to work in conjunction with each other due to PH balancing reason and what not, so I decided to focus on one particular brand and DevaCurl is it. I have the No-Poo, One Conditioner, ArcAngel Gel, Heaven in Hair, Mist-er Right, and Set it Up and Above. Now while I love WnGs…my stylist pointed out that it might not be the style for me and may actually contribute to getting frequent single strand knots. She suggested I keep my hair in twists or stretched with twist outs…so that’s also part of my July challenge. Ideally I want to keep my hair Twisted Monday through Thursday, Twist Out Friday and Saturday, and then wash, condition and retwist on Sunday. That way I’m not feeling like I never get to wear my hair “out” and the manipulation will be kept to a minimum.

The only extra non DevaCurl thing I will be doing is continuing to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my nape and edges and on my entire scalp two to three times a week. I plan on deep conditioning using the Heaven in Hair with my steamer before the No-Poo, so I might apply the JBCO to my scalp at that time too for extra conditioning. Phew! I’m excited for this challenge. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with one brand before and I’m curious to see how my hair behaves. Usually I used my mudwash or a shampoo bar to cleanse, picked any random conditioner in my arsenal of conditioners, use this twisting crème or that gel, etc. It was a lot! I’ve only used the DevaCurl products once before so I’m not sure how my hair really works with it, but….well we’ll make it work lol.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of my current's shrunken but hey, that's natural hair for you. Probably going to wear it in a low puff tomorrow before I can get home and do day four of the Terressentials MudWash Detox.

I flat twisted the front since that is the wavy part of my hair and never seems to blend in with my WnG.