Thursday, May 17, 2012

TwistNGo and BraidNGo

You're probably looking at the title thinking...what is she talking about. Well, recently I've been styling my hair while wet in either twists or braids, usually post cowash. Afterwards I'll apply my leave-in and seal with Castor oil and then I will proceed to do about 8 to 10 twists or braids. Then I'll either clip the hair up or pin it back (today I tossed on a hair net with a flower).

Now I love WnGs, but I don't always like how my hair shrinks up, nor do I appreciate the crunchiness that gels leave behind, so randomly one day (while bored at my evening job) I decided to untwist my hair because it seemed that my hair wasn't drting fast enough while twisted up. I fluffed out the damp hair and the results kind of looked like a WnG! You could still see a little of the definition from the twists/braids, but my natural curl pattern was still very apparent. Plus the hair had stretched a little while drying in the twists. And the best part? There was no gel needed! My hair, when it dries completely, remains soft and moisturized and looks pretty good too. Granted the hair does...get a little big when there's no gel in it, but I personally love big hair so I don't mind at all! I'll love it even more when my hair gets longer. This seems like a great option for the summer/cooler temps of fall, because it gives a soft WnGesque look. Now the key thing about this style is that since it's damp, you shouldn't play around in the hair too much. My hair frizzes up on the ends if I mess with it too much and this is probably do to the lack of using a product with a strong hold. I haven't yet tried to get second day hair out of this. In the evening I've been baggying and then bunning or wearing it pinned back to work in the mornings. I might try rebraiding the hair tonight before baggying, that way when I release in the morning, the hair will be damp enough that it retained the natural curl patter, while also giving it that nice wave that braid outs give.

Currently I just removed my hair net and braids and fluffed out the hair. I was a little heavy handed with products today. I had done a protein treatment (trying to do this monthly and henna every three months  this morning that I left in for six hours and then washed with my Bobeams Oats and Honey Shampoo Bar. I used the Oyin Honey Hemp as my leave-in and applied...too much of it. I sealed with Castor oil and on top of that used the Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream. I finger detangled thoroughly (it's been a while since I was that thorough) and braided my hair. Because my hair was clearly white with product, I wore my TurbieTwister to help soak up the excess product while I got ready for job number two. When I removed it my hair was still producty but I didn't care, so I just tossed on my cotton hair net, which concealed my funky braids and pinned a flower on the side for style. Went to work and now it is about five hours later and my hair is still wet but no longer white (well there are bits of white showing) and decided to unbraid my hair and fluff so that it could dry fully (I don't like to baggy in the evenings if my hair is super wet). My hair smells awesome (from the honey hemp conditioner) and it feels really soft and looks like a BraidNGo! You can see my natural curl pattern mixed in with the braid pattern. My hair feels pretty producty so hopefully when I baggy tonight, some of the excess product will soak into my hair.

Oh yeah, I decided to wash a little early this week because I'm going to the National Natural Hair Meet Up Day in Alexandria on Saturday and I wanted my hair clean and slightly stretched for a braid out. I may DC on Sunday though with my Anita Grant Rhassoul Bars...just because.

Any way check it out!

The first is a TwistNGo that I did two days ago. It shrinks up a bit more with the Twist N Go...and this was with chunky twists that I had baggied the night before.

Braid N Go (Today). I do not like that my hair seems to be growing into some sort of mullet...but I'm not cutting or trimming until September so...we'll deal until then. But do you see that hair in the back touching the collar of my shirt? It's growing ya'll! I have high hopes for this Hairscapades Grow Out Challenge that I'm taking part in.

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