Sunday, May 13, 2012

Twist Outs and Curlformers

Since I knew my weekend was going to be too busy for my regular wash day routine, I opted to get things started Friday night after work. Once home I decided I wanted to prepoo with my Brahmi Oil mixed in with some Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner. I warmed the oil first before adding the conditioner and after spritzing my hair with water, I applied my mixture to my sectioned off hair, working it through and detangling with my fingers along the way. I twisted each section after working on it and once done, I place my hair into two high ponytails. I prepooed for about half an hour and then hopped in the shower to rinse and use my Sultry Spice Mudwash. Once again it was love! My hair looked shiny, felt soft and soooo moisturized! Like I said before (at least I think I did) I wish I had started prepooing earlier in my hair care regimen.

After I rinsed I decided I wanted to twist my hair so that I could wear a twist out the following day to a concert that I was going to. I used my Bask Palm Tapico to twist (didn't seal or apply any kind of leave-in post mudwash). That stuff is awesome! My twists were looking so shiny! I knew my twist out would look good the next day. I also pinned the twists back to give my hair more stretch. I think I still like braid outs better but it didn't turn out too bad!

I love my hair for a while, but at the concert there were a lot of people smoking and crowd surfing and I swear someone's foot hit me in the head. By the time we got home that night, I felt like my hair was tainted with smoke and debris so I opted to rinse my hair in the shower and just ran my fingers through it instead of cowashing. I wanted to stretch my hair back out because I think that helps minimize tangles and helps with styling my buns and what not, so I busted out the Curlformers again. I applied my KBB Sweet Ambrosia to my hair, sealed with castor oil, applied JBCO to my scalp, and on top of all of this I applied some Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Cream. I braided my hair in four section and left it alone for half an hour because I wanted to use the Curlformers on damp and not soaking wet hair. I applied them as I was watching a movie so it went by pretty fast.

It wasn't the best sleep ever but I managed. In the morning I removed them and was rewarded with lovely shiny hair and smooth curls. Once again I wish my hair was longer because I think these look great on longer hair! Some day...anyway, to separate I rubbed a little Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade in my hand and fluffed my hair. The end result was a short, curly fro thing. Looks almost like a 20s bob in a way. I was digging it. The curls didn't last all day...probably needed to use something with more hold, but my hair felt soft and really moisturized, and it made my current braided undo easier to do.

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