Monday, May 7, 2012

Random WnG and Random Bantu Knot Out

Just wanted to post a quick pic of my Flax Seed Gelee and Castor Oil WnG...I mixed the two products together before applying to my hair. I've discovered that if I mix my gel with an oil in advance, when my hair dries it dries soft and not crunchy....only problem is it seems to take forever to dry~!

 Friday night I randomly decided to put my hair into bantu knots. I've only done them once before and really liked how my hair looked so I decided to try it again...only I didn't do it on freshly washed hair and instead piled some Komaza Care Coconut Styling Pudding onto my hair which was already covered in castor oil and gel. The jar of Styling Pudding said to style on wet hair...but I ignored that and applied it to my dry hair anyway and put in the bantu knots...I admit I was a little rough with my hair and they were a little tight...but I went to bed with them in anyway.

I removed the bantu knots in the morning and my hair felt surprisingly soft and looked shiny...didn't feel like I had too much product in my hair...except when I fluffed the style out I wasn't really digging the look. I think it would have looked better on clean hair and also I think this style would look better once my hair is longer.

 So since I was going out, I tossed the hair up into a high bun with a's my favorite style when a hairstyle has either failed or reached the end of its simple and easy!

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