Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Bootleg Curlformers Attempt

I found this bootleg version of curlformers on for like more than half the price of regular curlformers! Pretty sweet deal right? I've tried them once before and honestly don't really like how it turns out on my length of hair...maybe if my hair was longer...but anyway I was bored with my WnG one evening so I decided to give them a go anyway.

I started by applying some of my Darcy's Botanicals Coco Bean Smoothing Cream and followed that with a little Mixed Silk gel for additional hold. And then taking a medium sized section at a time, I applied the curler to my hair. Took about an hour to do in total...mostly because I was watching a show and drinking wine at the same time.

Here's the results! I really like how smooth and soft my hair felt, kind of amazing since my hair was in a very curly WnG just before this! The look didn't last long because well, the following day it was wash day, but I wanted to see how it turned out anyway so now I think I'll do this in a few weeks to stretch my hair before putting in some mini twists for my week long vacation in June.

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