Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Contemplating Mini Twists

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I'm going on vacation the second week of June. I'm only going to be out of town for a week, but a week away from my huge stash of products can really make hair care annoying. Plus I don't really want to haul a whole bunch of stuff with me (even though I technically could since I'm driving and not flying therefore don't have to worry about liquids and what not). I've been think a lot about protective styling recently and I've been watching tons of YouTube videos regarding mini twists lately...and I think I want to put some in. I'm not a twist a little bit every day kind of girl and prefer to just bang out the whole thing in one weekend, so I've been trying to figure out when I would do the mini twists (that is, if I decide to). I go on vacation June 9, so I'm thinking the weekend before might be the best time to install them. I'll prepoo/deep condition and then I'll probably lightly blow out my hair so that I can get the most stretch....if I don't blow it out, I'll probably do my wash routine Friday and then flat twist in order to give my hair some stretch and then start twisting Saturday.

Now my reason for watching Youtube videos is that I feel like my twisting technique isn't the best. When I two strand twist, no matter what holding product I use, they tend to unravel within a day or two. Now my hair is not considered "fine" so I know that can't be the reason, so after watching tons of videos, I realized it's my technique that results in twists that don't last very long. I'm that lazy two strand twister that wants to rush to the finish line. I move my hand quickly down as I twists, resulting in twists that are loose and less likely to last. So after watching my favorite YouTuber Naptural85 and her mini twist tutorial, I think I'm prepared to put in the time and effort to get long lasting mini twists. I really want to see this style last at least a month.

Now that being said, my technique isn't my only problem...I'm that natural chick that gets sooo bored with a style very quickly, and by quickly I mean sometimes how my hair is styled in the morning ends up becoming something different by the afternoon. This habit of mine needs to stop! Especially if I want to keep the hair manipulation to the minimum. So...since I seem to be doing well when I set up "mini" monthly challenges for myself, June's challenge will be mini twists! That's right, I will/must keep the mini twists in for an entire month by any means necessary (okay....if it feels like my hair is starting to lock up or something crazy, then they will be coming out).

I don't plan on washing my hair while in mini twists, at most I'll apply a little coconut oil and aloe vera juice and steam on a weekly basis, and in between just lightly mist and seal as a means of keeping my hair moisturized. I don't plan on applying anything to my scalp, as that will only lead to build up and I really don't want to have to shampoo my twist or even get them too wet because in the past wet twists meant unraveled twists....but there's a catch. My June vacation is at a beach house...which means the ocean...which means sandy, wet hair...which means, I'll most definitely have to wash....but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it and I'll figure something out to make sure my twists stay intact.

Phew! That that I've written all that out I'm really excited to install my mini twists! But....I've got two more weeks of my Castor oil challenge and if my hair is not in a bun or some kind of out of the face updo, then it's in a twist out or braid out (usually weekends only). I can't really tell the JBCO is doing anything for growth...overall my hair feels pretty healthy and is staying pretty moisturized...so well, I'll try to scrounge up some old pictures so that I can post a comparison/update at the end of the month.

On a side note, besides mini twists I've also been comtemplating....straightening my hair. But don't worry, I don't plan on doing that until April 2013!

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