Thursday, May 24, 2012

BraidnCurl, plus Bangs!

Who says a naturally curly girl can't have bangs? Really...who said that? For some reason I was under the impression that someone with my hair texture couldn't have bangs anymore...and I can't technically, not the heavy,sleek fringe over the forehead kind, but this past weekend, while attending the National Natural Hair Meet Up Day in Alexandria, Virginia, I found out I can indeed have curly bangs! The night before I braided my hair and made sure I parted the front in a way that when loose, the hair would fall over my forehead. To the ends of each braid I used flexi rods to curl them (first time doing this I think) and hit the sack. The next day I took out the rods, unraveled each braid and fluffed my hair, making sure to arrange the fringe in the front off to the side. I loved the look! When I had straight hair I loved a side swept bang and really missed that look. Now I know I can still do it!I won't do it all the time because I don't like hair on my forehead since it can cause breakouts, but for the day it was pretty cute. Plus I loved how "big" my hair was simply from curling the ends. As soon as they mini twists come out, this will probably be the style I choose to wear for my "free" week.

Anyway for this style I just used my Darcy's Botanical's Cocoa Bean Smoothing Cream before braiding and rolling with flex rods.

Hours later...not as defined and it was hot, had to get that hair off my face

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