Monday, April 2, 2012

Uber Defined Flat Twist Out

It’s such a wonderful feeling when you wake up in the morning to untwist your hair, and when the first twist is released, you can already tell your hair is going to look good. Today’s hair looks good! Yesterday was wash day, but I had to work in the morning, so Saturday evening I decided I would go ahead and prepoo with Brahmi oil and let it marinate throughout my morning and early afternoon on Sunday. On Sunday, I spritzed my hair liberally with my aloe vera juice and water mix, and washed with my Terressential Lavender Mudwash (smells so good). I massaged the mudwash into my roots and hair, and then let it sit on my hair for about 15 minutes, while I did some light cleaning and folded laundry. The one thing I love about the lavender is that you can feel it give your scalp a nice tingle, and lavender is supposed to promote hair growth, so it’s a win win. In the shower I rinsed thoroughly and afterwards applied my As I Am Elation Hydration as my DC and moved to sit under the steamer for half an hour. After all of this, my hair was feeling pretty good, soft and well moisturized, and looking pretty defined too; while the deep conditioner was in, I had finger detangled. So far I’ve not used a comb in about four days, and I’m still a little skeptical about whether or not my fingers are getting the job, but I’ll stick it out for now.
After my DC was rinsed, I had every intention of putting my hair in a bun and leaving it alone…but it looked so hydrated and shiny, I fingered I might as well try for a twist out. I used Donna Marie’s Curl Defining Cream, applying a decent amount to each section, again detangling with my fingers, and then flat twisting. What I like about the finger detangling over a comb is that my natural curl patter wasn’t disturbed too much, so I could tell that my twist out was going to be a kind of twist out/ wash and go combo, which is a look I really like. I had finished twisting my hair around 7pm and by the time I crawled into bed at 9:30, I knew that my hair might not be dry in the morning….and I was right. In the morning my hair was damp enough that I didn’t want to release the twists, and so I found a pretty scarf and fashioned a sort of turban to wear to my first job.

After work, I knew the twists were dry but I decided to go ahead and get my workout in, and so I left the twists alone since my scalp sweats pretty heavily when I work out. Post workout I showered and  made my dinner while I let my scalp dry a bit and about ten minutes before I had to leave I coated my hands with safflower oil and removed the twists. My hair was already looking pretty shiny form the Donna Marie (love that stuff and must review soon), the safflower oil helped to give my hair more shine.

I loved everything about how my hair came out. It felt soft and it was defined! I haven’t used the Donna Marie in a while and I think this stuff may have to become a staple, it worked really well for my twist out and it smells delicious. I only hope that tonight I can get away with putting my hair in a pineapple so that I can wear this twist out tomorrow. I shouldn’t lose too much definition and in fact should get a little more stretch.

Second day hair after putting hair into two pineapples

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