Friday, April 20, 2012

Terressentials Mudwash: Leftcoast Lemon

Today after work I had plans to use the hour and 45 minutes I had before job number two to cleanse and condition my hair but Z wanted to meet for lunch and I had to switch cars with my dad so I was seriously pressed for time and the hour and 45 minutes came down to about 30 minutes. Usually when I use my Terressentials, I take my time and and apply it before I shower and make sure I focus on my scalp...this time around I didn't have that luxury so I grabbed the Leftcoast Lemon bottle. I'll admit I also have the lavender and the sultry spice, and I've been using the sultry spice a lot lately because I really like the scent even though a lot of people don't. I also think it works to moisturize and detangle my hair fairly well, even though the Terressentials website says the Leftcoast Lemon is the most moisturizing...and what do you know they are right!

Before applying the wash, I quickly spritzed my hair with aloe vera juice and water. I really like the left coast lemon because it is a little more liquidy than the other washes and therefore applies easier. Normally I apply in numberous section and then twist that section. This time around I just made six large sections, applies the wash and clipped them out of the way. I also like to let the wash sit for a bit on my hair, but I had to apply and than immediately hop in the shower. I was also trying to finger detangle and remove shed hairs as quickly as possible and I admit, I probably wasn't as gentle as I should have been. But once in the shower and rinsing my hair, the mudwash helped soften my hair so that I was able to finger detangle completely. After rinsing and once out of the shower I applied a good amount of the Tresseme Naturals and than pulled my hair back with a hair zing. My hair is feeling really soft and drying quickly which is nice. I didn't seal because I plan on applying some more leave-in when I get home before using my Donna Marie Dream Curling Cream to braid my hair. My hair also looks defined considering I'm not using any gel...I may have to remember this in the future if I ever need any quick the hair zing makes it pretty easy to secure the hair back without needing to using an elastic on wet hair...hence it dries a lot faster without that annoying wet spot where the elastic meets the hair.

Anyway, I think once I finish all my Terressentials washes I'll repurchase the Leftcoast Lemon only; I love it so!

Kinda like a ponytail

Definition isn't too bad eh?

Not sure of the exact name of the hair zing, but it's the large one and from CVS

Center part with the bangs sectioned off and rolled towards the puff

Not very fluffy


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