Thursday, April 12, 2012

The GOC Part Two Has Officially Begun!

I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but Hairscapades is hosting the second round of the Grow Out Challenge and I'm officially a part of it. This challenge will last until September and hopefully this time around I'll really see some growth and retention. To insure that my hair reaches its goal of APL (or nearly there) I've been bunning a lot recently. I was wearing a lot of WnGs for a bit, but since I'm not detangling with a comb and  using just my fingers right now, I figured it would be best to bun my hair since WnGs have a tendency to leave me with a lot of single strand knots. Also, I'm hoping to see some growth by the end of July because I'm going to a wedding and I'd love to wear my hair out and have it all grazing my shoulders, so I'm forcing myself to either keep the hair bunned or pinned up in some way. Normally I feel really boring in buns, but I've been wearing them high, low and to the side this week which keeps the style fresh and fun; tossing in a pretty flower or scarf helps too.

In addition to bunning I'm cowashing once, sometimes twice a week or more depending on how consistent I am with working out. Since I sweat a lot I usually try to rinse my hair in the shower afterwards...I don't always cowash, but I make sure to rinse my hair and scalp thoroughly. Besides cowashing, I've been deep conditioning with my steamer every other week and while I can't say it's making a huge difference, I love the feel of my hair afterwards. I've also been applying the Bee Mine Growth Serum to my scalp everyday. I don't know if it works but I want to finish it. I won't be repurchasing since I'm trying to avoid growth aids because I'm starting to believe that they are mostly marketing ploys. I nearly purchased some hair growth vitamins the other day but refrained because I've tried a lot of them and if they worked, my hair would be down my back by now.

I recently mixed up Naptural85's body/hair oil concoction with a few essential oils added and I think this will officially be my new sealant. I did this on Monday after cowashing my hair and using KBB Sweet Ambrosia as my leave-in. Up until today my hair has remained super soft and moisturized and shiny! I'm not going to be purchasing any other premade sealants from now on and will stick with the oil mixture and my Shea Butter mix (well...when I get around to making another batch). I still have the KBB Creamylicious and the KBB Butta Love to use up. I had a few Anita Grant butters and pomades but I think I'm going to give those to my sister. While I did like them, I just never seem to use them and I think she'll benefit more from them. I also have some hair grease that I know I'm never going to use again. I had temporarily hopped on the hair grease bandwagon and just never really got into it so I have two full jars of stuff that I might just throw away. Luckily they were very cheap.  I have a few leave-ins that I want to use up as well since I tend to either spritz my hair with water/aloe vera juice or I use a rinse out conditioner as my leave-in. While I love the KBB Sweet Ambrosia I just don't think I need it when other, cheaper things work better. One leave-in I am loving is the Cantu-Shea Butter Repairing Leave-In and that might become a staple.

Wow this post is all over the place topic-wise. Sorry! Basically I'm getting my regimen down and I'm narrowing down my product pile. There are a lot of products I still want to try, but other than conditioners/deep conditioners, I won't be purchasing leave-ins or sealants.

My hair plans for this week: I think my hair definitely needs a shot of protein this weekend so I'll be cleansing with my mudwash, using the Aphogee two minute reconstructer, and deep conditioning with...something, not sure what...maybe the As I Am Elation Hydration. I also might but in some two strand twists on Sunday...but we'll see.

Today's Banana Clip Bun: I just tucked and pinned the hair down.

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