Friday, April 20, 2012

Finger Detangling...So Far So Good...Plus a very simple WnG

So I've been finger detangling only for nearly a month now and I gotta say it's going really well! I didn't think my hair would allow me to do it, but it's surprisingly doing very well I wish I had this in my regimen sooner. I feel like with finger detangling I've been retaining more length. I will say I don't necessarily feel like my fingers are picking up all the shed hair so I think once a month (probably at the end of each month) I'll use a wide tooth comb or my Denman brush to comb through my hair after finger detangling...just to make sure I get everything and to prevent matting.

On a side note I'm really excited to be seeing some noticeable growth! I always complain about how my hair never grows and now I know it's not true! I don't know if it's the frequent cowashing, the finger detangling, or the Bee Mine Growth Serum but something I'm doing recently is working for me! The sides of my hair are nearly brushing my shoulders...I should definitely be able to claim shoulder length by June and I'm hoping my bangs will be brushing either my top or bottom lip. Fingers crossed!

On a side note here is my hair right now. I initially had it pulled back with a hair zing, but that was giving me a bit of a headache so I removed it and here is the result. This is my hair post mudwash with only a handful of tresseme naturals conditioner quickly run through it. Not bad right? No gel, no oil but still a pretty decent and defined WnG! Plus it feels soooo soft and not crunchy since it's sans gel...I love it and definitely might do this again in the future...I have a lot of gel to use up so once I'm out well I might become a gel less WnG, I don't need my hair super defined to be happy and I'd rather it felt soft instead of hard and crunch anyway.

The canopy area as usually is looking all limp and straight....le sigh

gettin longer!

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