Thursday, April 5, 2012

Failed Twist Out? No Problem!

This is how I wore my hair yesterday to working in the morning (Turned the Twist out into a high bun).

In between jobs I cowashed my hair and while in the shower I had every intention of styling my hair in a WnG, but once out of the shower I decided that I wanted to wear my hair is a twist out the next day, so I proceeded to flat twist my hair using Botticelli Botanicals Flax Gelee and KBB Sweet Ambrosia. I was really pressed for time so I did about eight twists altogether and once I was done I pinned everything back and put on a hair net. On top of the hair net I tied  scarf and went to work (gotta love the instant style and versatility of a scarf).

After work I took off the scarf but I kept the hair net on and just slept on my satin pillowcase since I wanted to give my hair a chance to dry since it was still relatively wet even after eight hours of drying time.

 This morning I rubbed some KBB Creamylicious onto my hair and started to untwist, about half way through I realized that some parts of my hair still felt pretty damp and that most of the back of my head ended up being less defined than the front. If I had time I would have retwisted and wore another head scarf, but it was already too late, so I just wore the twist out anyway. I actually liked how big and fluffy my hair was, but upon returning home from work and before I went to job number two, I was messing in my hair and did a sort of 'fro hawk and left my bangs out. Basically I just smoothed the sides of my hair and pinned down the hair using bobby pins, leaving the center area free and fluffy.  For some added flare I tossed in a large, coral colored flower and matching lipstick and I think the overall affect is pretty cute and pretty easy!

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