Thursday, April 12, 2012

Comparison Shots

I'm so glad I started this blog because it really does document how far my hair has progressed!

So I'm a little iffy on when I had my last relaxer, I know it was some time between March-May of 2010 and that same year in August I had the my hair cut and the back was shaved/cut super short so essentially I did a half Big Chop. The front part of my hair I never really chopped and just trimmed occassionally so in all honesty I might still have relaxed hair in the front, but the back I know is all natural.  I started blogging/documenting my hair journey in April of 2011 so I like to think of that as my starting point of naturalism so here are a few shots of my hair from before up until now.


September 2011: This was just after my Deva Cut

September 2011 twist out

June2011 Two strand Twist Updo

Now: Some of my most recent hairstyles...keep in mind I had a trim last month.

Medium two strand twists

Twist out

My hair has grown...maybe not a lot but it slowly gets there! I went from having my twist out not event touching my neck and now it's grazing the base of my neck. Woo hoo! APL here I come...hopefully some time this year.

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