Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Braid Out Success!

I'll admit that I'm normally a twist out kind of girl and I know it's only because I find twist easier and less time consuming than braiding, but after trying a braidout this weekend I may have to be rethinking that! I love the definition of a braidout...but not how long it took me to do. I'll be experimenting more with this and hopefully I'll get faster.

Sunday was hair day, so I began with a prepoo of Aphoghee 2 Minute Reconstructer, Evoo, Castor Oil, and Apricot Oil. I applied liberally to my hair and scalp and sat under my steamer. I'd read that a steamer gives your hair better results when you use it to prepoo instead of deep condition. I did like the results, but I now know to not use the Aphoghee as a prepoo and just stick with the oils. Why? Because when I rinsed and applied my Mudwash...my hair felt a little weird and rinsing the mud out it didn't feel as great as it normally does and I blame the Aphoghee coating my hair. So yeah I'll make sure to do the Aphoghee post wash next time around (I'm going to henna at the end of May so the Aphoghee won't happen again until July or so). After the mud wash I deep conditioned with Heaven in Hair and tossed on my hair therapy wrap as I cleaned the house. I dc'd for about an hour and rinsed in the shower. I followed that up with my modified Kimmaytube leave-in, sealed with Hairveda's Green Tea Butter and proceeded to braid my hair. I had about ten braids overall...took about an hour to do...I'm so slow and awkward at braiding and nearly gave up to flat twist instead, but I persisted and loved that the braids weren't unraveling at the end either like my twists often do. I let my hair air dry overnight and in the morning I coated my hands with some safflower oil and applied it liberally to my hair before beginning to unbraid. Loved the results, loved the shine, and definitely loved how soft my hair felt! I'll admit though that I was a bit heavy handed with the Green Tea so my hair felt oily...but that didn't bother me at all. I only wore the braid out yesterday and now I'm wearing a bun. Tomorrow I cowash and bun some more, but I'll be braiding my hair Friday to wear a braid out Saturday to my step mother's baby shower.

My hair is super oily feeling today but that's because I've been applying my Bee Mine Growth serum every night...can't wait to cowash tomorrow!

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