Thursday, March 15, 2012

Varying Hairstyles In Two Days

So I find myself leaving the house in the morning with one style, and coming home in the afternoon and changing  everything up. For instance, yesterday morning I went to work with a high bun, that afternoon it switched to a WnG. Today I went to work this morning with the hair flat twisted in the front and the back in a low puff, now I sit at work in another WnG. I could have gotten second day hair yesterday, but I didn't baggy that night and I kind of felt like throwing everything up in a bun, and last night I wasn't liking the WnG anymore, hence the puff. I did like the Jane Carter's but...I wasn't really enjoying how my hair felt by the evening yesterday...just kind of...blah. So I wore it in a puff until I could cowash today.

After today's workout, I cowashed with the As I Am Cowash Me Coconut Conditioner...I'm going to have to use it again before I review it...but so far not so good. I felt like I didn't get a lot of slip...but after letting it sit on my hair a bit, I was able to detangle. This may be a product I use as a DC...but we'll see, I'll be trying it out again on Saturday

For today's WnG, I used my ECO Custard and man, the curls were just springing up as I applied. Plus, now that my hair is about 70 percent dry, it's not very crunchy at all, and I think it's because of the Castor oil and evoo that I added to the Argan Ego Styler. I think today I will baggy, because it'd be nice to get second day hair out of this...if not then I might do another low puff. I was going to rock a twist out for St. Patrick's Day, but I think with the drinking and running might be smarter to wear my hair up, so I'm going to do a super high bun with some kind of headband...gotta figure out my outfit first.

The first pic is yesterday's bun, the next two the low puff I wore this morning, and the last few pictures are today's WnG with the eco custard. I think I'm really starting to dig the WnG look. Even my Step-Mama said my hair looked great today! Woo hoo!I'll continue to WnG but if my hair starts acting iffy, or if I find I'm getting more tangles and single strand knots, than I'll definitely stop the WnG and go back to twist outs for a bit. But I have a feeling WnGs are going to be beneficial to me this time around.

2nd Day Wng Puff

Fresh WnG

The next day pulled back into a puff

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