Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two French Braids on Two Strand Twists

I've discovered that my two strand twists just don't seem to last very long. After two days they look super fuzzy, like they've been in for weeks. It's usually in the crown area of my head too, so I always have a halo of fuzz there. Since I didn't feel like untwisting and wearing a twist out just yet, I had to think of something that would preserve the style and still look cute.

I was at work, playing in my hair, when I decided that maybe I could do two french braids. I'm not the best braider, but I am getting better. I split the hair into to sections...well more like three if you count the bang area. For the back two sections I just started grabbing clumps of two strand twists and braiding them together, working my way down to the nape area. Once there, I tucked the ends under and secured with a hair pin. For the front, I again braided strands of hair together and pinned them down. It turned out better than I was expected and I was even told today that my hair looks cute. I'll definitely be doing this again. And I'm excited to see what my twist out will look like because it'll be curly from the two strand twists, but wavy from the braids so...we'll see! I was planning on taking down the twists tomorrow, but I might rock this hair style one more day and then wear a twist out on Friday...we'll see if I feel like untwisting in the morning.

I've had the two strand twists in since Sunday and my hair still feels very soft and moisturized (thank you Oyin Shine and Define). The only thing I've been doing in the evening is misting my hair with Hairveda's
HydraSilica “Soft Hair”  Tea Spritz- Hair & Body Hydration Mist and then tying my hair down with a scarf to help smooth away some of the fuzz. It's been working so far and keeping my hair hydrated. I be back with pics of the twist out (once I remove them I mean).

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