Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Self Challenge: Finger Detangling

I've decided to give myself a mini challenge for the month of April and that is to finger detangle only. This means I won't be using wide tooth combs, my denman brush, my Mason Peason brushes or combs, etc. My sole styling tool will be my fingers. I tried this method for the first time today while in the shower cowashing my hair. Already I saw a lot less shed hair than when I use a wide tooth comb. Once out of the shower I section my hair into four to apply my products (KBB Sweet Ambrosia, Anita Grante Cafe Au Lait, Flax Gelee) and further detangled with my fingers for a WnGesc look that was pulled back into a wet side bun with the front flat twisted. At work, after about two hours of having my hair pulled back, I realized the center of the bun would probably never dry, and so I removed the bun and just kept the front twisted for a WnG look. It's not super defined, but it's not half bad (sorry no pics) and my hair feels really soft! I can't stop touching it (hence the need for the bun). While I was wearing WnGs for a while, I think I'm going to mostly bun for the month of April, that plus my finger detangling should mean I get some decent retention! In addition to bunning I plan on cowashing twice a week and then continuing with my regular wash schedule on Sunday.

Anyway, here's a picture of today's styled bun. Tomorrow I'm thinking...high bun maybe? With a cute headband of course!

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