Saturday, March 3, 2012

Protective Style: Two Strand Twist Updo

Today I randomly decided I wanted to do some sort of two strand twist undo to take me through the upcoming workout and to give my hair a break before I go to the salon next Saturday, for a wash, deep condition and a trim. It's been about six months since my last trim and my ends are looking a little frizzy and knotted so I want to do a light dusting. I'd do it myself but because my hair is's kind of hard to do it myself. Anyway back to the style.

This morning I washed with my Bobeam's Honey Hemp Shampoo Bar and then I applied the KBB Luscious Hair Mask as my deep conditioner, put on a plastic cap followed by a beanie and went to the movies and out to a late lunch. I ended up deep conditioning this way for about five hours and finally hopped back in the shower to rinse really quickly. Following the rinse out, I sectioned my hair into three. I sectioned off the front of my hair that I wanted to two strand twist and then I split the back half of my hair in two so that I could flat twist. To each section I applied my Hairveda Whipped Ends, some Anita Grant Camellia Ylang and Lavender Oil, and did a final seal with Hairveda's Herbal Green Tea butter (love this stuff). I combed through each section and started on the back half. On each side I parted the hair and from the outside in, flat twisted, working my way up my hair. Once done with all the flat twists I twisted them together and rolled my hair up and pinned them. Doesn't look too bad. The parts are sooo not straight but whatever, the style will hold up for the week.

After the back I set to work on the front and simply two strand twisted my hair...or rather I tried a different twisting style which I believe is referred to as rope twists and it's kind of working as a sort of fringe/bang thing. I can say I love doing the twists this way. They are holding up a lot better than usual. The front half of my hair is usually the most stubborn and never stays in twists very long, so I think I'll stick with this method of twisting until my hair gets longer. The only problem is that it takes me significantly longer to twist...but that's alright, practice will make me better and faster. Hopefully the style will last me the week and I'll moisturize as needed...but I should need to until at least Wednesday because I was heavy handed with my moisturizer and basically super sealed with the oil and butter.

Oh and can you see the growth?! I can tell there has been a lot of length rendition since my last set of twists, so I must be doing something right!

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