Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product in Review: Karen’s Body Beautiful Luscious Hair Mask

Cost: $25.00 for 240ml
Ingredients: Purified Water, Aloe Butter, Jojoba Oil, Agave, Vegetable Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera Juice, Panthenol, Arnica, Calendula, Echinacea, Nettle and Horsetail Extracts, Vitamin E and Natural Enzymes. (Gotta love a simple ingredients list. When you can pronounce everything, you know you’ve got something more natural than synthetic).
Where to Buy: their website (karensbodybeautiful.com), curlmart.com
I love this deep conditioner! It has amazing slip and I’ve used it as a DC, but mostly love to use it as a leave in, especially in the winter time when the extra moisture is needed (I used it a lot this winter as a leave-in before braiding my hair and wearing wigs). I don’t have any more in my arsenal since I just lent it to a friend to check-out but when I use up some of my other DCs, I’ll definitely be repurchasing (even though it is expensive). 
The scent is nonexistent which is kind of nice, and I’ll sometimes add scented oils to it for fun, but mostly I just leave it. The consistency is thin…kind of runny, but still coats the hair pretty well. This product provides awesome slip and always left my hair really soft and moisturized, and when you follow it with a heavy butter or oil to seal, I had moisturized hair for days! This is definitely one of my Holy Grails and probably as a leave-in more so than a deep conditioner.
My final thoughts:
The ingredients are natural and simple.  All of KBB’s products are 96 percent natural, which is great for those of you trying to go the more natural route. Will I repurchase? Heck yeah! Do I recommend? Of course I do, but keep in mind how a product works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work the same for someone else. I would tell people to try it though, because they might end up loving it. The Cons? The only con I have is the price. This ish is expensive and I hate spending that much on a deep conditioner unless it’s got super powers. At the time when I bought it, it was buy one get one free, plus I got an additional KBB Creamylicious or something for free, so heck, it was a win win situation. Another con is that I haven’t been able to find this on the ground; so far I’ve seen it on their website and on curlmart. Oh yeah, another perk is that when you sign up to receive emails, they are constantly having deals/sales so you probably won’t end up spending as much.

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