Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Post Trim: A Week of WnGs

I got my trim on Saturday and overall I think the stylist maybe took off 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. I told her I didn't want too much taken off. She did mention how it seems I still have relaxed ends in the front of my hair, so I'll have to be more frequent with my trims until it's gone for good. By more frequent I mean every 3 months. I'm trying not to look at this trim as a set back but it's kind of hard not to considering my hair never seems to grow, so I want to hold on to everything I get...but trims are necessary, especially when I twist and notice my ends getting all bushy and ugly. Maybe I need to up the moisture?

Anyway I went to an all natural salon called Urban Nature and I was happy with my experience. I loved the products they used on my hair (Alikay Naturals) and I felt like the stylist did a nice job of detangling my hair. I do wish the atmosphere had been a little more warm...or engaging, I don't know sometimes I wish I would go to a place and they all love to talk to you, ask how you are, what you do with your hair, etc. I tried bringing up topics but the stylist wasn't very responsive so...maybe it was just an off day. Since she had time, she offered to flat twist my hair for a twist out and I agreed...only it felt like the tightest braiding ever! It's been a long time and maybe I'm just wimpy, because I don't braid my hair that tight (or that neatly/well for that matter) but I wanted to run out of my seat and tell her to leave my head alone. But I didn't and let her finish. She sat me under the dryer for about 30 minutes...closer to 45 for the twists to dry, but because they were so small, they didn't dry completely. I didn't feel like being at the salon any longer so I told her it was fine. I had a little definition from the twists, but mostly my hair was resembling a 'fro. I like ti though. She twisted the front for me and pinned it down and I paid her and left. Next time I go back (in June) I'll probably ask for a flat twist/two strand twist updo....then again maybe I'll do a flexi set just so I don't have to sit through that flat twisting agian.

Soooo to change it up, this week I've been doing WnGs only. I did a WnG Saturday, cowashed Monday, and I'm rocking second day hair today. I like WnGs because it gives me an opportunity to play with different products. Tomorrow, after I cowash, I'll be using Jane Carter Solutions Curl Defining Cream for my WnG and we'll see how it turns out.

For this WnG, I used water to spritz my hair and then made a Eco Custard, mixing about half of the Eco Styler with Argan Oil, with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Me likey this combination, and although my hair felt a little crunchy, the definition was still nice. Also it looks white when I was applying it, but it did dry clear and without flakes.

These next photos are from today, after yesterday's Cowash and WnG using Tresseme Naturals as my leave-in and using the Queen Helene Royal Curl Defining Cream as my styler. Again the hair dried a little crunchy but not as badly as I was expecting from all the reviews on the Queen Helene that I watched. I think it's a hit or miss product for a lot of people. I'll keep experimenting with it...I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. Last night I just spritzed lightly and baggied. This morning I fluffed it out and pulled it back into a sorta puff with a headband. Tomorrow I'll rock another puff before cowashing after my workout and using the Jane Carter Curling Creme. My hair actually felt soft of the second day, which made me happy and it still looks pretty good for second day hair!

Aww shrinkage...unavoidable.

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