Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Not So Successful Twist Out

Yesterday I didn’t go to my evening job since I had a medical appointment to go to.  When I got home and because I was feeling kind of crappy, I decided to do my hair. For me, washing, conditioning and styling my hair is rather therapeutic and calming, and since I work two jobs I just never really get to do my hair as much as I would like. The first thing I did was cowash with my Shea Moisture Purification Masque. Usually I do this in the shower, but decided to treat it like my Terressentials Mudwash and cleanse outside the shower. I divided my hair in sections and spritzed liberally with my water/aloe vera juice spritz. Working section by section I applied the Masque to my roots and then along the length of my hair. Once again I was amazed by the detangling properties of this product and the way my fingers just glided through my hair. I left this on about half an hour without heat, before hopping in the shower to rinse. I’ll admit my hair did not feel as soft when I immediately rinsed this out, so instead of following with a rinse out conditioner, I just got out the shower and used my microfiber towel to dry my hair.
Keeping my hair in four sections, I used Tresseme Naturals Smoothing Conditioner as a leave-in, focusing on the ends of my hair and detangling with a wide tooth comb. To seal I used my Anita Grant Camelia Yland and Lavender oil. Finally I applied a little Eco Styler Blue to my hair and preceded to rope twist my hair and once completed, I pinned my hair back to stretch the hair and applied my satin scarf.

This morning I had every intention of removing the twists and wearing a twist out, but it was brutally windy today and I wanted to sleep in a little longer, so I just tossed on my leopard print Sue Maesta Hood  and went to work. 
This is how my hair looked under the Leopard Print SM Hood

The twists look kind of nice. They'd be perfect for a regular updo

Nothin' fancy, just tossed on and tucked under

So simple. Perfect for lazy/bad hair days stringy looking.

Since I didn’t like my hair I decided to start all over and this time just flat twist my hair. I made six flat twists in total, combing out each section and applying hair It’s a Miracle Leave-In Condition and my Curls Unleashed gel. For each have of my head I took three flat twists and braided them together and pinned them under so that it would stretch the hair, because flat twists have a tendency to shrink up on me. For the front of my hair (my little bang/fringe thing that I like to have in my face) I two strand twisted (about six of them) and then twisted these together and pinned them back. All of this I put under a satin cap followed by my Sue Maesta hood and went to job number two.
Hopefully when I unravel the flat twists tomorrow my hair will look decent. I used products with glycerin and with the current dew point I might be in a little trouble but…oh well. I just need it to last a day before my hair appointment on Saturday. If it looks horrible tomorrow I’ll just toss it up into either a puff or a bun and add a headband…works every time.
On a side not, I’ve got some product reviews coming up. Now that I’m not being lazy and actually doing my hair, I’m really getting into my product stash, so hopefully soon I’ll have some reviews to share.

After work and before job number two, I decided to remove the twists and rubbed a little coconut oil on my hands and unraveled. I did not like how my hair was looking and I think the way I twisted is to blame. Rope twists are great if you’re keeping the twists end, because I find that this method of twists tends to not unravel on me. But rope twists end up looking thinner than regular two strand twists and so I didn’t achieve the definition or volume I wanted. Plus, I noticed that when I was removing each twist, the ends would get all frizzy and straight…so yeah, no more rope twists for a twist for me. I will say that even though I used gel for my twists, my hair was sooo soft and shiny looking. I’ll definitely be doing that again, but next week I’ll be experimenting with WnG’s  so…that’ll have to wait.

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