Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Having a bad hair day? Tuck and Roll

We’ve all been there. Bad hair days are sometimes hard to avoid. That wash and go that looked great on day on but looks like a disaster on day two; or the twist out that’s seen its end of days. Or maybe you’re style is falling flat, but you haven’t quite made it to wash day yet. A simple tuck and roll is an easy way to look sleek and put together, without a lot of effort.
I randomly threw together this style one morning when my twist out had gone haywire. I think I used too much glycerin and my hair was poofy and frizzy. Now this isn’t my best work, but it got the job done and I didn’t feel like I should have walked out of the house with a hat on.
For the style I lightly spritzed my hair with water and sealed with some coconut oil, before dividing my hair in half. I worked on the left side first, gently rolling the hair inward towards the crown of my head and working my way down. For those of you with shorter hairs like me, you can pin down a roll as you work your way down, that way the style stays secure. I repeated these steps on the other side and when the two sides met at the nape of my neck, I used an ouchless hair band to tie the two sides together, and then just rolled this up and pinned. It was quick, it was easy, and hey it even looked a little retro (nearly made me want to change my outfit so I could toss a flower into my hair for a little vintage glam…but I was already behind schedule).
The great thing about this style is that you can just toss on your bonnet or satin scarf at night and wear the same style the next day, without even having to repin the hair. I’m all for a style that allows me to be lazy for a day or two.
Like I said, this wasn’t my finest work, but you get the gist of the style from the pics.

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