Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hair Therapy

Flat twist out

Flat twist out

Today's Braid Out

I can honestly admit there’s nothing I like better than staying in Sunday and working on my hair. I love washing it, deep conditioning, and styling and I look forward to my Sundays when I can sit down and focus on me…maybe even change the nail color too!
This past Sunday, after a weekend of a guest filled apartment, I decided to use my Terressentials Sultry Spice Mudwash, which I applied out of the shower as usual. I let it sit on my hair for about 20 minutes, while I worked on mixing my Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Conditioning bar. I’d read a blog post response about these two products being amazing when combined together, so I figured I’d give it a try. Usually I just mix the Anita Grant RDC with water, but this time I used coconut milk for the added moisturizing benefits. I rinsed the mudwash out, finger dentangling and then detangling further with my denman brush. Out of the shower I spit the hair into four, and applied the Anita Grant RDC section by section, really working it through my hair and combing through lightly with my fingers. Once it was applied I put on a plastic cap, satin cap, and yellow beanie and left the house to make a quick trip to the mall.
Braid out with limp bangs
About two and a half, nearly three hours later, I returned home and decided to go ahead and rinse my hair (even though I was going to be leaving the house again shortly). As I rinsed I could already tell that my hair was going to feel awesome. I was proven right as my towel dried my hair. My hair felt so soft and looked really fluffy too! I’d detangled one more time with a wide tooth comb before deciding to prep my hair in a double row of flat twists using Jane Carter Solutions Curl Defining Cream as my styler and the Anita Grant Café Au Lait as my sealant. Again I was thrilled that my hair was feel so soft and as I flat twisted, it didn’t feel any worse….but the next morning when I woke up, my hair, while really defined once I unraveled the twists, felt kind of stiff and dry. I honestly think this was a result of the Jane Carter….maybe it doesn’t work best as a styler, or maybe I didn’t use a heavy enough hand…or it could have been the Café Au Lait which does have coconut oil and since the weather was cooler, my hair tends to feel harder when using products with coconut oil. I had planned on bunning my hair to wear a second day twist out, but once home from my evening job, I decided to restyle with a braid out and proceeded to corn row my hair using water, Boticelli Botanicals Flax Gelee and sealing with Brahmi oil. Today’s hair felt much softer and fluffier and the definition was pretty good too. I can’t decide which I like more…flat twist outs or braid outs, I do love that both give some stretch to my hair. Instead of rebraiding tonight, I am just going to bun and if the hair is reasonable in the morning then I’ll wear it down, if not I’ll pin it up. I plan on cowashing after my run tomorrow so if I have time before my evening job, I’ll try to just do two French braids or something….we’ll see.
Oh yeah, I haven’t been using the mudwash very much, but I think for now that’ll be my sole cleanser. I was alternating that with the bobeams bars, but I want to finish the terressentials so I can focus on all ten of my bobeams bars…sheesh! This doesn’t mean I’m giving up the mudwash, I will repurchase once I’m down to one or two bobeams bars. Not to say that I don’t love the shampoo bars, but I know I love the mudwash more and might keep a bobeams bar on hand as needed…once I narrow down my favorites (they are all so good!).

Braid Out...seemed to have lost some definition back there.

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