Friday, March 9, 2012

Flat Twist Out: Gotta Love 'Em!

Today’s flat twist out is so much better than what I was working with yesterday. Thank goodness! As I explained in my last post, I did rope two strand twists yesterday and the resulting twist out was a little sad, so I combed through my hair and using the It’s a Miracle 10 Leave-In followed by Curls Unleashed Gel, I proceeded to put in six, fairly large flat twists and then two strand twisted my bangs. I kept everything pinned back yesterday evening and this morning I rubbed some coconut oil on my hairs and unraveled each twist.
What I love about flat twists is that you get a more uniform curl and a lot more volume than when I do two strand twists all over. But, one flaw that I find with flat twists is that my shrinkage seems to be a little more prominent than usual. But whatever the case, I’m loving the definition I have going on with today’s hair. Of course it’s super windy on the day I decide to wear my hair down and out, and while waiting for the train I could feel the wind whipping at my hair like crazy. Luckily, it only seemed to add to the volume a bit, and also worked to close any lingering parts from my flat twists. My hair feels really soft and there is a lot of movement and despite the wind, it’s not really losing its shape, which I was kind of worried about since most of the products I used have glycerin as the second ingredient. Tonight I’m just bunning the twist out and putting a scarf on. Tomorrow I am going to a new, natural hair salon for a wash, deep condition and a trim (it’s been exactly six months since my last trim). I hope this place lives up to its reviews and I hope they don’t trim too much, I’d hate to lose all my newly acquired length.
While I do love today’s hair, I think next time I’ll do smaller flat twists just to make it a bit more defined and hopefully more elongated. Oh, and did I mention my hair smells pretty great? I think mostly it’s from the Tresseme Naturals conditioner that I used the other day, but the Miracle 10 Leave-In smelled pretty good too…as did the gel. I love clean, pretty smelling hair!

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