Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Faux French Twist

This morning I was still wearing my flat twist updo that I did Saturday night, but as usual, I got pretty fed up with a style rather quickly and I sooo wanted to get in the shower and cowash so that I could wear a wash and go…but I refrained and instead opted to just change up the style.
I removed the flat twists and ran my fingers through my hair to close all the parts and loosen things up. I’m glad I didn’t cowash because my hair is still feeling very moisturized and soft from Saturday. Still, I spritzed lightly with my water/aloe vera juice mix and reached for my trust banana clip. Initially I was just going to do a bun, but instead placed the banana clip vertically on my hair and secured it and then fanned the hair out as much as I could (kind of like a Mohawk). Then I rolled/tucked the hair to one side, pinning it into place and giving the illusion of a french twist. I can’t do a real French twist without using a billion bobby pins because shorter strands of hair always fall down, or the whole twist will unravel. This was much more secure and much easier.
For the front, I removed all the two strand mini twists and I was left with a highly textured twist out. The ends were looking crazy though, so I rolled it backward towards the French Twist and pinned it down, creating a sort of Janelle Monet/ Johnny Bravo bouffant in the front of my hair. That’s it! So simple. Normally when I wear my hair up I like to rock big earrings, but something about the dramatic bouffant made me want to play down the ear jewelry. Not too bad. Once again I kind of wish I wore something different because a flower would have really set this do’ off nicely.
Tonight I’m just going to flat twist the front and either leave the back as is or make a banana clip bun.  

As you can see my style is a little tight, but you could lossen the look a little a bit and it might make it look more natural. My hair isn't quite long enough to try and hide the banana clip.

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