Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another lazy/last minute style

I'm definitely cowashing today to prep my hair for a wash and go tomorrow, but for work this morning I had to do something suitable until I can get home and wash my hair, so again the banana clip came to the rescue! Man that thing is awesome and so much better than a hair tie, especially if you want a voluminous bun or ponytail. Seriously, it's an investment I think any gal should make and they are cheap too!

Anyway I did this style last night and only had to take off my scarf this morning. The front section which had been in a bouffant while I was at my evening job came down and I made three medium rope twists and then twisted these together and pinned them to the side and back towards the bun I made. For the bun I spritzed my hair with water, applied a little KBB Sweet Ambrosia, and used my hands to lightly finger detangle and to smooth my hair upward for a high bun, which I think is my new favorite hairstyle. The higher the bun, the less severe the style looks even with hair pulled back from the face.

This time I secured the banana clip on horizontally, and fluffed out the hair. From my twist out I had a pretty textured and dramatic looking going on, so I tucked the hair under loosely...I wanted to keep a sort of messy look, tossed on my bonnet and went to sleep.

This morning my edges were nice and smooth and I fluffed the bun with my fingers to bring it back to light. I was going to throw on a flower, but decided against it and just left the hair as is. I love being able to do a style at night, wake up; remove the bonnet and go. It saves me so much time! And I get to enjoy breakfast too. You can't see in the photos but the bun looks pretty cool due to the twist out. I'll have to remember this for next time. This evening I'm cowashing with...I don't know something, and then I'll do Naptural85's Winter WnG method.

On a side note, I'm not wearing any make-up today and my skin is looking pretty good! It's either the detox I'm on or the Dr. Bonner's Castille Soap with Tea Tree and Shea Butter that I've been using as a face wash. I used to use Clean and Clear, but Dr. Bonner's is so much better!


My edges look like they are thinning but I've come to realize that's just how my hairline is.

Make-Up Free! Water is definitely the key to better skin.

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