Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1st, 2nd and 3rd Day Hair

Here are just a few pictures of my twist out progressing from day 1 to day three. I can’t remember what I used exactly but I will say my hair was soft and moisturized for the first two days, but was definitely starting to feel a little dry by day three. Also for the third day, the night before I did two French braid instead of twists, which changed the pattern of the curls a bit.
Day 1: The first pic shows how I prepared the twist out. Basically I separated the back in into four sections and flat twisted them before pinning them down. In the front I two strand twisted.

One of my better twist outs. Very big and fluffy, just like I love it!

Day Two: Losing the definition, but that's fine. This was the day before my trim at the salon.

Day 3: This is the day of my trim...right before it actually, I'm not sure why I styled my hair. But this is a braid out technically. I did four big corn rows and a flat twisted bang. Me likey!

Jeez, I've been writing this blog for nearly a year and doesn't it look like my hair is still at the same length it was at the beginning? What' s going on with this man? Yes some of this is shrinkage but still, I've been 'nearly shoulderlength' for six months now. I've re-evaluated my regimen a million times, I'm gentle when detangling, so what on earth am I doing wrong? I should be APL by now!


  1. cute! what's the name of the sylist you saw at urban nature? if you didn't like the cut/experience, do you go somewhere else in md?

  2. I believe my stylist was Ebony. Yeah that's sounds about right. I actually like the cut and experience. Plus she used some of the Alikay Naturals products and I've been wanting to try those. She did a great detangling job with one the Alikay Mud Conditioner stuff. I would go back there, but wanted to check out another natural salon in Silver Spring, Noire Salon, for a trim on the 22nd. But yeah if I end up not liking a salon/cut than I try to go somewhere else. Trial and error!