Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn Braid Take Down

I’ve started the take down of the yarn brain and it’s surprisingly easy. I’ve only managed to do a small section of the back, since I’ve been taking them down in between jobs. I had a few snags, where loose strands of hair got caught, but I was gently and able to pry everything apart. This makes week four of having the braids and they just aren’t meant to last much longer. I can see that I’ve had a lot of new growth, which is great…I only hope I can retain all my new length. The build up at the roots isn’t too bad either, but I do see to have a lot of shed hairs.
I can’t wait to get all the yarn out so I can feel and wash my hair. I’m going to do a Terressentials Mudwash and follow up with my Karen’s Body Beautiful to deep condition. Then I’ll have to think of how I want to wear my hair before I install the yarn braids again. Although if it seems like my hair suffered in anyway due to the yarn braids, I won’t be doing them again.
I do know that next time around I’ll take my time a little bit more with the installation of the braids, and I’ll also be better about moisturizing daily and oiling my scalp every two or three days. I only washed my hair once with the yarn braids during this four week period and I can’t yet tell if this was good or bad. My scalp was never too itchy, nor did I have a lot of buildup. The only time my scalp itched was directly after a workout and that happens whether I’m wearing yarn braids or not.
All and all I think they are a great protective style. Plus, they were longer than my natural hair and I gotta say, it was fun playing around with styles I can’t normally do due to length issues. They are hassle free, a good spritz with some water and you’re good to go. They do get a little heavy when you wash them, but since mine weren’t very long it wasn’t that bad. I would definitely do them again and for those of you interested, I would tell you to try and do this style yourself first. I once though I couldn’t braid hair either, but it is easier than you think. I learned by watching YouTube videos. Were my braids perfect? No way! I didn’t need them to be perfect, I just needed them to look nice and last, and that’s what they did. I got more compliments than expected and even the boyfriend didn’t rag on my about the braids. I spent approximately 8 bucks on yarn and it took a total of 10 hours to install. If you go to a salon, yes it will be half the time but you’re also looking at the cost starting around 150. If you’ve got the cash, then go for it, if you’re trying to follow a budget, try it yourself. Keep trying and you’ll get the hang of it. If all else fails you can go to a salon or find a friend to help you. I’ll come back with another update after I take all the yarn out and give my hair a spa day.

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