Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Versatility! Turning a Twist Out to a Wash and Go

So I didn’t get third day hair, but in all honesty I didn’t really try to. Last night after work, I spritzed my hair with water/aloe vera juice, applied Bhringraj oil to my scalp and hair, and topped that with some Karen Body’s Beautiful Creamilicious. The I proceeded to separate the back of my hair into front, leaving the bangs out and divided each section in two. In each section I did a French braid and then joined the two braids together with a bobby pin. For the bangs I just corn rowed each side. I ended up with this:

To work I just wore a black snood/hair net thing. It was raining and I didn’t want to worry about my hair frizzing out, plus I knew I was working out after work and wanted to have my hair in a tame style to rinse post workout.  After my workout I just rinsed my hair in the shower. I sweat a ridiculous amount when I work out and since I didn’t rinse my hair after yesterday’s workout, I figured today would be good. For added measure, I applied some Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle and massaged it into my hair/scalp, maneuvering around the braids as much as possible. Out of the shower I wrapped my hair in a micro fiber towel and proceeded to get dress, take the dog out, and eat a very delayed lunch. About five minutes before I needed to be out of the door (I know, I left way too late) I took off the towel and undid the braids. The results looked like a wash and go/braid out combo and I liked it, but I wanted a little more definition…plus I wanted to try my Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd that I got off and see how it worked as a gel and for a wash and go. I quickly raked it through, smoothing it into the strands as much as possible. My hair looked a little white so I put the towel back on for a minute more while I got my bag together. That did the trick and removed the white and I quickly flat twisted the previously corn rowed bangs, pinning them to the side. I whipped my hair back and forth like a maniac, applied some lipstick and was out the door!
I must say I haven’t done a wash and go in a while, not this sort of wash and go anyway and I forgot how easy they can be (I literally like to wash, rake a bit of product in and go if possible, later on after the hair is a little drier, I’ll usually add some type of oil). This is definitely going to be my summer style.  My hair is only about fifty percent dry, but it feels pretty soft and not crunchy at all. I find that when I use eco styler gels I get amazing definition, but tons of crunch. I’ve learned to deal with the crunch, but it’s nice to get a soft wash and go for once. The BB Styling Mudd isn’t as cheap as eco styler and I hate that I can’t pick it up on the ground, but I can see myself purchasing more. I’ll placed around with it a bit more and see. Tonight, if my hair isn’t dry I’ll spritz lightly and maybe baggy, if I don’t do that I might just pull my hair back into a bun and then spritz/fluff in the morning to revive the WnG. If my hair ends up looking crazy in the morning, then it’s going up into a puff with a simple headband; works ever y time!

I’m at work right now and it’s so hard to resist playing in my hair. When I wear a WnG, I love twirling my curls around a finger. Must stop!
Damn the crown of my head! This hair doesn't curl at all. It's more wavy and so annoying! Just sits on top like...blah.
Closer Look. I call myself a 4A, but I think I have multiple curl patterns.
Used the flat twists as a sort of headband
Ah I love thee

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