Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Three weeks post yarn braids

Boy oh boy do I want to take these braids out! It's not that I'm not loving the look, it's just that it looks very grown out and frizzy in the crown, and I don't know I miss my hair. Plus I'm going to the hairscapades meet up this weekend and I wish I was wearing my hair out and in some kind of cute style for the event. Instead I have to try and style the yarn braids so that they look fresh and new. I've got one more week of these yarn braids. Next weekend will make a month  and while I was going to shoot for six, I just don't think I can do it. I want to wash and deep condition and let my hair breath for a bit. I will be putting the braids back in though and instead of black I'm going to use brown and then maybe the growth won't be as noticeable. 

Ugh but who knows...maybe I'll be lazy and tack on those extra two weeks anyway. I'm just worried about breakage and dryness. I've been moistuizing, but I feel like my hair is still a little dry. Plus I think if I go any longer the take down will be harder with the shed hairs and new it looks like I've made a decision. The hair comes down next weekend. Woo hoo! I'm sure Z will be happy.

Other than that, I'm still loving the ease of this style! Here are a few stlyes I've been doing.

This is how I wore it to the hairscapades meet up a few weeks ago. Pretty cute and easy!

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